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We all want to look and feel our best. Whether it’s embarking on a new, healthy diet, a fitness regime or investing in a whole new wardrobe, we all want to feel confident in the way that we look. But what happens when age starts to show on our faces and bodies?

Aging is something we all have to face at some point. Whether it’s lines around the eyes, forehead or the mouth, there comes a time when our age shows on the place we least want it to appear: our face.

One of the first signs of aging on a person’s face is around the forehead area. Over time, lines start to appear across the forehead which can age a person’s appearance and make them feel self-conscious.

Although aging is something none of us relish, the great news is that help is at hand. Anti-wrinkle injections, or Botox® as it’s commonly known, was once only used by the rich and famous. For years and years, male and female celebrities, actors, musicians and public figures have used Botox® to help to reduce the signs of aging. Nowadays, anyone can undergo Botox® treatment and it’s a fairly commonplace procedure for many men and women who want to minimise the lines on their foreheads, and other areas on the face.

How does Botox® for the forehead help?

Over time, your skin can lose its elasticity, causing it to sag and lose its firmness. This can be due to many reasons: smoking, drinking alcohol and sun exposure being the main triggers, but even with the healthiest diet and using sunscreen religiously, natural aging will cause lines to appear across the forehead.

Botox® injections target lines on the forehead quickly and easily, reducing muscle movement across the forehead which then allows the skin to relax and recover from continual movement. Forehead lines then disappear, leaving you with a youthful, fresh and smooth appearance.

Is Botox® for the forehead safe?

Undergoing Botox® on the forehead is perfectly safe and has been used for decades and decades, often in much larger doses for neurological conditions to help to minimise over activity.

There have been no reported adverse affects of Botox® treatment and the product naturally breaks down over time and clears itself out of your muscles within three to six months of treatment.

If you’re unsure if Botox® is right for you, we also offer a ‘Baby Botox®’ package which involves a very small dose of treatment, followed by a two-week follow-up appointment where you can discuss the results with our expert team and undergo a further small dose if required.

Once they have undergone their first Botox® treatment, many of our patients return for further treatment about four months later, which is usually when gradual muscle movement starts to return to the treated area.

How should you choose a Botox® clinic?

If you’re looking to undergo Botox® on the forehead, London is home to many clinics. It can be difficult to know where to go and who to trust. Here at Look Lovely London, we always recommend that you do your research. We also recommend that you avoid choosing a clinic that offers exceptionally cheap treatment or excessively expensive treatment. Our pricing system is clear and transparent and we are also accredited ‘Save Face’ practitioners, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

How much does Botox® for the forehead cost?

Undergoing Botox® for the forehead involves a series of just four small injections to the forehead area. Our policy at Look Lovely London is to charge per treated area for Botox®. For one area it costs just £140 which is incredibly affordable and cost effective. We also offer a 10% discount to anyone new to Botox® treatment.

If you’re intrigued by Botox® for the forehead, before and after pictures on our website speak for themselves. Men and women of all ages have had their forehead lines treated with Botox® and have noticed a real difference, making them feel more self-confident about their appearance.

Give a member of our team a call today on 0203 1998245 and take your first steps to becoming the new and improved you!