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Let’s be honest: we all want to fight the age battle. We want to enjoy our lives and we certainly don’t want our age to show on our faces. While lots can be done about reversing the signs of ageing around the eye and forehead area by using Botox® injections, lip enhancements is also becoming one of the most popular go-to treatments amongst our patients.

One of the first signs of ageing on the face is the lip area. Over time, lips tend to thin out and this can change the overall appearance of a person’s face, affecting their confidence and self esteem.

Lip enhancements are a fantastic way of turning back the clock by adding more definition to the lip area and the results are long-lasting, too.

Here at Look Lovely London, we’ve treated many patients with lip augmentations and with fantastic results. But what are lip enhancements and what’s involved in the process? Let’s take a closer look.

How are lip enhancements administered?

Lip enhancements involve having dermal filler injected into the lip area to create a youthful, plump and, most importantly, all-natural pout that’ll take years off a person’s age. The filler itself contains hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in human collagen, so you can be sure that the results will look natural.

Not only do dermal fillers create more definition to the lip area, they also work hard to restore the shape and softness in the lips, as well as boosting them with moisture and antioxidants.

Should you do any research before undergoing lip enhancements?

If you’re looking for the very best lip enhancement treatment, there are two main considerations you should be thinking about before you go ahead. Firstly, how much should you be paying? And secondly, how can you be sure you’re in the hands of someone trustworthy, qualified and professional? We’ve explained a bit more about these two considerations below.

How much should a lip enhancement cost?

Costs for this treatment can vary from clinic to clinic but if you’re based in the UK and you’re looking to undergo a lip augmentation, London is home to many clinics which offer this treatment. However, prices can vary from the worryingly low to the ridiculously high.

Our policy at Look Lovely London is simple: we charge a fair and honest price for all of our treatments, including lip enhancements. The cost for undergoing dermal filler to the lip area starts at £280 for 1 syringe of filler. We also offer an introductory 10% discount to any dermal filler first timers, bringing the cost of your first treatment down to just £250 for 1 syringe of filler.

How should you know which clinic to choose?

The most important element of undergoing lip enhancements is to ensure that the results are natural looking. Here at Look Lovely London, we follow very strict rules on how much filler should be applied to the lip area. Our golden rule for lip enhancements is this: the lower lip should always be fuller than the upper lip. If the upper lip becomes bigger then you’re venturing into ‘trout pout’ territory and nobody wants that!

How quickly will you see results from your lip augmentation?

You should be able to notice an instant improvement after you’ve had the dermal filler administered. However, it is normal for the lips to swell over the following 48 hours so it’s important to keep the diary clear after your appointment. You will be supplied with ice packs from our team after your treatment so you can keep swelling to a minimum. The swelling will start to settle after a couple of days and you should be able to see the end result in about two weeks after your treatment.

How long do the results from the treatment last?

This can vary from patient to patient but generally speaking, results from a lip augmentation can last between 6 and 12 months and you can then opt to return for further treatment if you wish.

If you’re unsure about whether you need to have a lip augmentation, or you’re a bit nervous about the procedure, give our helpful team a call today on 0203 199 8236 and book a free consultation.

Start the new year as you mean to go on and treat yourself to a new glamorous pout!