How to choose the right Aesthetic Clinic?

With so much choice in the aesthetic world, where do you start?

Welcome to the Look Lovely guide – how to choose the right clinic and practitioner. A 6-point checklist on where to go for your cosmetic treatments and who to trust.


1. Does the doctor work in a clinic?

It’s important that you chose a well-established clinic for your cosmetic treatment.

Doctors who work out of rental rooms cannot guarantee good follow-up care and continuity of care for future treatments. Often these doctors are transient and therefore you can’t be sure if you’ll be cared for by the same practitioner, which leads to varied and potentially disappointing results.

Our doctors have been with the clinic for years and provide excellent after treatment care. Our loyal customers come back to us time and time again. We know each patient’s need and they get tailored treatments, which will give the best results.


2. What are the premises like?

Patients need a calm, peaceful, clean and safe environment for their treatment.

Practitioners who are new to the industry or not established may rent back rooms or work in multi-functioning clinics which can be busy and not patient centred for cosmetic treatments.

Our clinic has been designed for you – Look Lovely London has an elegant, well run, peaceful and discrete clinic in the heart of St John’s wood. We have parking space for our clients which is rare for central London clinics. We provide a relaxing environment where our clients can escape from their hectic lives and enjoy their treatment.


3. How much experience does the Doctor have?

Many doctors carry out complex aesthetic procedures ‘on the side’ to their main job to supplement their income.

This means their experience can be limited as they don’t see the volume of patients needed to advance and learn. The treatments can also be unsafe with disappointing results.

Dr Davina Wilson has been practising for over a decade and has completed over 10,000 procedures without complication’ to-date. She’s trained in advance cosmetics and teaches other doctors and nurses. All our doctors at Look Lovely London are on the GMC register, have regular appraisals – and are fully insured.


4. Do the clinic and doctors know what to do in an emergency?

Most cosmetic procedures are safe – however, if administered wrongly, dermal fillers can cause artery blockage and necrosis of the skin, (when skin cells are starved of oxygen and get damaged).

If the person carrying out the treatment doesn’t act quickly – this can lead to permanent damage. Complications can happen to any doctor, but the crucial point is knowing that if something did go wrong, your doctor knows what to do in an emergency and acts quickly.

If the treatment is being done in a beauty salon or if a doctor is working out of a rental room, they may not have the necessary equipment to be able to deal with an incident.

Always ask a doctor or clinic they have emergency equipment available if needed. Having the knowledge and products to reverse this treatment is essential.

Hyalase is a prescription-only product that can be injected into the filler to dissolve it – however, this is a prescription-only, therefore only a doctor can obtain it.

If you have treatment in a salon where the injector cannot prescribe this product and does not know how to inject it then major problems can occur.

Our doctors have regular anatomy training, we have emergency equipment in the clinic and know exactly what to do in an emergency. We’ve carried out 10,000 procedures to date – with no complications and have a clear protocol if difficulties are encountered. We can say with confidence that our patients are in safe hands.


5. What is the follow-up care?

When booking a procedure, it’s wise to ask about the follow-up care.

  • Can the clinic be contacted out of hours in an emergency?
  • Is the team available post-procedure to offer advice if bruising or swelling occurs?
  • Does the clinic offer a 2-week review to make sure you’re happy with the same doctor who administers the treatment?

Post-treatment care is a fundamental part of what we do – the team is always available to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you have. The doctors ae happy to review you at the 2-week mark and if needed to offer further advice or treatment free of charge.

Your health and wellbeing is our priority. You can email, WhatsApp or call us anytime – we’re here to help.


6. How important are prices?

We all have budgets and balancing the budget with high-quality care and outstanding results can be difficult.

Be wary of clinics offering special offers and discounted treatments – this is this against General Medical Council Guidelines and cheap treatments/products can lead to unsatisfactory results. As the old saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for’ – this is true with cosmetic treatments. A cheap price often means the products could be a poorer quality and cheaper to purchase.

There are lots of products being produced in Asia which have not had thorough clinical trials carried to test long-term safety. Heavily discounted prices could also reflect the injectors experience.

Practitioners with less experience or who are just starting out will tend it offer an attractive price. Be careful of the compromise that may come with the lower price – you could be playing Russian roulette with your face.

When looking at the price of the treatments, consider your overall experience and what the results will be like.

  • Were your questions answered satisfactorily before the treatment?
  • Was the treatment carried out in a clean and suitable location?
  • Are you confident in the injectors experience and their safety record?

Our prices reflect the overall service you will receive. The products we purchase are from well-known pharmaceutical companies and we only offer leading brands in the industry with proven safety through hundreds of clinical trials.

We don’t cut corners offering newer cheaper products to improve our profit margins. All of our devices are brand-new and FDA approved and our aesthetician has been highly trained by the manufacturers of these devices.

If you are ready to start your cosmetic journey and want to be in safe hands then our clinic is the right place for you.

You can book a treatment by clicking HERE – or speak to the team on 0203 199 8245



Winter Skin Care Treatments

Wow, summer has gone by quicker than a Love Island relationship.

And dare we mention it now but those sexy Halloween bashes and Christmas office parties are right around the corner.

In light of the colder weather and that demon of dehydration, called central heating, Look Lovely London is here to ensure your face gleams and sparkles (especially through, ahem, drink-heavy parties) thanks to their new kid on the block…

The Hydrafacial.

All right, let’s face it, beauty fans…

It’s the UK.

No one’s skin is immune to this nutty changing weather. 

Case in point, one grey September morning, I woke up with itchier skin than usual and even after applying coconut oil, I haplessly watched it soak into my skin as if it were a few mere flecks of water.

Add to that, my irritating redness (rosacea) seemed to be back…ugh…yes, I had to face facts, my skin was parched!

I decided to do something about it and swiftly booked a Hydrafacial at Look Lovely London.

Now as knowledgeable as I flatter myself to be on the beauty front, I knew little about the Hydrafacial. 

Miraculously I didn’t Google it either (!?) maybe something about the “hydra” part already convinced me it was right for my issues… 

But what I wasn’t expecting is just how packed it is with so much more.

Hydrafacial London

The whole procedure started with what felt like a solid Swedish massage to my face (lymphatic drainage it’s called).  Melissa explained this increased circulation and cleared toxins by stimulating lymph nodes around the face….

The first step was so relaxing. 

Next, my face got moved around quite a bit for what seemed like a more rigorous version of microdermabrasion, only with a much more pleasant and watery sensation…

At this point, I already commented on the variety of things happening and Melissa exclaimed…

“It’s 6 facials rolled into one.”

That’s a relief, since I don’t have much free time, nor the budget for 6 separates. 

The next stage did feel slightly more familiar: Glycolic and salicylic acid were applied to my face, like a chemical peel. I felt a slight tingling sensation impurities were being softened. 

After that my blackheads on my nose were vacuumed off and…

Ooh la la, then came my absolutely favourite part…when a mix of antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid got infused into my skin, which helped plump and hydrate it. 

This stage felt absolutely wonderful!!  

It was like pure moisture entered my dermis. To anyone with dry skin issues- trust me…this is the magic step

Finally, I went under the LED light, which promotes the production of collagen and helped reduce the annoying redness I was having increasing issues with.

It pretty much crystallised all the previous stages and I left the clinic with my skin fresh, healthy and completely revived.

Emily Blunt Hydrafacial
Emily Blunt is apparently a BIG fan of the Hydrafacial.

That evening, I took pics and sent to my boyfriend- bing– he immediately came back with “very beautiful and shiny.” 

So there we go. 

If you want to be “very beautiful and shiny” this winter season and reduce nasty skin irritations, such as eczema or rosacea, book a Hydrafacial with Melissa at Look Lovely London and you’ll gleam around the capital and the rest of the gusty UK like a star. 

You owe it to yourself. 

Yours Truly,

Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client 

Look Lovely London offer same-day callbacks for any advice, questions or concerns you might have. They will offer you the best treatment suited for your skin type and aim to give you first-class care.

Individual Hydrafacial treatments cost £135 each

You can purchase 6 treatments for the price of 5 – Total cost £675 (saving of £135)

GoCardless – £225 deposit + 6 monthly payments of £75

You can purchase 12 treatments for the price of 9 – Total cost £1,215 (saving of £405)

GoCardless – £350 deposit + 12 monthly payments of £72.08

Girl I Want To Make You (Not) Sweat

Excessive Sweating Treatments in London

It’s July, beauties!

And this article is going to discuss the hyperhidrosis – (Excessive Sweating Treatment) at Look Lovely London.

Summer is on and, yes, miraculously, even in England…so is the heat!

But, let’s face it, excessive perspiration can cause a lot of misery this time of year.

It prevents you from going about daily activities with the usual sassy confidence.

Whether it’s cramped conferences, swaggering in a short-sleeved dress with your hot date, gripping the above handle on London Underground…or taking part in beach sports with your mates. 

Sweat issues might even keep you off (shock, horror) the dance floor at your best friend’s wedding!

No fun.

Personally, antiperspirants weren’t doing it for me.

I found myself buying mini aerosols all the time, stuffing them in my bag, blushingly, making excuses over dinner and briskly disappearing into the bathroom to spray my smelly underarms. 

The more anxious I got about it, the more I sweated and, despite the “extra strong” deodorant, I somehow always ended up with nasty marks on my pretty clothes!

(The time I wore a cream dress at my friend’s wedding in Greece was particularly embarrassing.)

So when the hot weather hit and sunny trips abroad got scheduled with my new man, I decided enough was enough and I’d make my life easier by getting botox.  

Underarm Botox injections from Look Lovely London

At Look Lovely London, the receptionist informed me that the treatment did not require the numbing cream or ice pack.

In fact, it was the most painless place to have injections!

I wasn’t too fussed, since I shave, wax and besiege that area so much anyway that momentary discomfort means nothing. 

Dr. Wilson first wiped the area clean and injected under my arms through a fine needle.

It was about 20 quick, superficial pricks and hardly noticeable. 

She said the botox would block the nerve impulses and basically stop the sweat glands from functioning over the next week or so.

More units were required for underarms than facial anti-wrinkle injections but the effect would also last longer- up to 6 to 9 months. 

Oh and the process took roughly 20 minutes and afterwards Dr. Wilson advised me not to apply anything to the area for 6 hours, or engage in strenuous exercise for 24 hours. 

I left the clinic that day, got right back to work and followed her instructions…

Within a week, I noticed less sweating and after 2 weeks, I didn’t need deodorant at all!

So now I was all set for hot London days and glamorous world travel.

This has to be hands down the most convenient procedure for summer I’ve had at the Look Lovely London clinic.

It really is for anyone, who either sweats a lot and/or works and plays hard in sticky environments or, like me, is just sick of using spray-ons over and over again. 

It also maintains those sexy clothes you wear, whether a wedding dress or a cute mini, you’ll find yourself at the dry cleaner’s way less

Finally, it keeps you confident and comfortable in the glorious sunny months! And for me that’s priceless.

So that’s all from my smooth, dry pits lovelies. 

Enjoy the swelter and remember to stay sweat-free.

Yours Truly,

Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client 

Excessive Sweating Treatment (Hyperhidrosis) is priced at £450 at Look Lovely London

Hyperhidrosis treatment in London

Look Lovely London offer same-day callbacks for any advice, questions or concerns you might have. They will offer you the best treatment suited for your skin type and aim to give you first-class care.

There’s Something About Cheek Filler

Ladies and gents, it’s June!

During the glorious gleam of 16 hour days, it’s time to crown yourself as the most beautiful bride or wedding guest this side of the summer solstice and pop into Look Lovely London for another signature treatment…

Cheek fillers. 

As Look Lovely London’s anointed Mystery Client, this was the first procedure I ever did at the clinic; the one that “brought me into the fold,” so to speak.

Why the cheeks you may ask?

Well, the first most dramatic signs of ageing I had in my 30s, consisted of a gradual and general hollowing of my outer and mid-face. In my 20s, I already had a thin face, so when I matured and lost even more volume around there, it was my priority to get it tended to as soon as possible.

Of course, for all you alternative face shapes out there, you might not be experiencing quite as much fat loss in the cheeks…

That said, you also might find yourself looking in the mirror one morning under, ahem, less than flattering lights, with a seriously “weary” and saggy visage staring back…

Especially when you compare yourself to those perky photos of you partying on a beach in Ibiza a few years ago.

Not to worry, the Look Lovely London cheek boost to the rescue! 

Cheek filler suits women of all generations.

After draping myself majestically over Dr. Wilson’s couch feeling, I was happily surprised that after a bit of ice pressed to the area the injections were minimally painful. 

Numbing cream was offered but, after the first session, I didn’t even find I needed it.

That’s because the cheeks are perhaps the least sensitive part of the face. 

Dr. Wilson analysed my facial contour and let me know where the filler would be injected, selecting the best area to naturally augment.

This was great, seeing as cheeks usually require more filler than other parts and you want to know you’re getting the best value for your new beautiful, model cheekbones!

Yes, under Dr. Wilson, I felt I was really being tailored to rather than undergoing some generic procedure that might not suit me or end up looking majorly unnatural. 

Speaking of, I instantly felt a natural plumping of the cheeks, while the procedure was being performed and…

Hey presto, looking into the mirror after, I can safely say cheek filler had the most instant and impactful result on my face than all of the procedures I’d done or would do in the future. 

“Filling the gaps” of mid-face has pretty much taken the last 5 to 10 years off.  

Oh and, even if there was a slight residual of a prick or tiny bruise, it was easily excused as just a spot and/or efficiently covered up after with concealer. 

I could return to daily duties, unabashedly, with people already commenting and wondering why I looked so good. 

“So good.” 

Always a nice thing to get complimented on in the romantic season of nuptials and summer festivals. 

The final thing to know is that cheek fillers last! 

Mine have lasted a year and I have friends whose pretty contours have lasted nearly two so far, so it’s well worth the investment. 

Yes, dermal fillers and my cheeks have started a long-lasting relationship that, like marriages are intended to, will last through the blissful years to come.

Oh, if you want to know more about them and fillers for other areas, check out the links below:



Nasolabial folds

Tear troughs  

That’s all from your intrepid Look Lovely London Mystery Client for now. 

Enjoy the beginning of this long and fabulously light month!

Yours Truly,

Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client 

Look Lovely London offer same-day callbacks for any advice, questions or concerns you might have. They will offer you the best treatment suited for your skin type and aim to give you first-class care.


The Blushing bride

Part Three of our Wedding Season to “look fabulous,” features a treatment that, well…frankly, has caught the beauty industry by storm!


This amazing Hydraulic Acid injectable is one of the best-reviewed beauty treatments out there and, after having undergone the procedure, Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client knows exactly why. 

Profhilo is an all-around oomph for the skin.

Not just because it lasts for a solid amount of time (hello 6-month glow!) but the treatment also has that special knack to rejuvenate skin at any age, giving it that air-brushed and “snap back” quality. 

Perfect for the bride and her multiple generations of family and friends, right?   

Profhilo facial injections

Now, admittedly, my first thoughts on hearing about Profhilo was…

“Another needle-based procedure?” 

I already undergo injections for dermal fillers, as well as Botox in London, and, so, being a veteran of Needleville I found myself wondering why I would need a third product inserted into my visage, moreover, what was so special about this one?

Googling Profhilo, however, the reviews spoke for themselves.

People seemed to consistently be fawning over the procedure….

Okay, interesting, I thought. 

I figured if that many clients were raving about it, especially considering it’s the, ahem, often quite brutally opinionated internet out there, there must be something to Profhilo. 

All right then, needle me up again!

(Above translates into “I booked an appointment.”)  

Facial injections at Look Lovely London

After sipping my delicious tea in the Look Lovely London reception, I applied numbing cream and wandered up the stairs to Dr Wilson’s office, where I leisurely lay down on her table.

Dr Wilson proceeded to give me a series of small sting-like injections on each side of the face…

10 jabs in total.

The injections felt different to Botox- they were slightly fiery for a few seconds like I’d been stung by a tiny bug.

But the heated sensation quickly subsided.  

After my first session, Dr Wilson informed me I might see some improvement in skin texture after the first session but the real change would be noticeable after my second treatment, which I swiftly booked for 4 weeks ahead.

That day, I left the Look Lovely London clinic with tiny hives at the injection sites, which went away after three hours.

Though I didn’t feel much skin tightening at first my skin did feel quite hydrated already!

In fact that my untreated neck started to look duller in contrast to my nice, dewy face. 

 By the way, necks can also be treated with Profhilo!  

It’s a great place to have it done because with all the wonderful treatments done to our face, it starts to look slightly out of joint if what’s holding it up is ageing faster. 

Profhilo treatments in London

A month later, the second set of injections felt similar to the first round BUT this time the effects were much more dramatic!

My skin was not only more hydrated but felt tighter. Based on previous pictures, I even spied slight creases and droops on my face were not as visible and my cheeks even looked somewhat elevated, though they had not undergone a filler procedure for a while. 

What’s more, the hydrating effects of Profhilo were such that I found myself changing my skincare and make-up products.

I suddenly needed less expensive creams and serums and my cakey, heavy foundation got put aside to make way for much lighter products- a simple tinted moisturiser in fact. 

I’m still using it.

So what would I summarise Profhilo as? 

Well, it’s basically like having a strong moisturiser inserted under your skin, which is particularly apt for the walking-down-the-aisle season and summertime celebrations.

This half-a-year-lasting procedure basically gives that dewy, “I’m rested, relaxed and been on an extremely rejuvenating vacation” look…or, more cheekily…a constant, wonderful post-sex glow!

Hey, that’s something to aim for in the upcoming season of love. 

And that’s all regarding Profhilo this time around.

Until next post, with the exploration of another fab procedure.

Yours truly,

Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client. 

Look Lovely London offer same-day callbacks for any advice, questions or concerns you might have. They will offer you the best treatment suited for your skin type and aim to give you first-class care.

Bride and groom sitting in a tree

My Best Friend’s Botox

Botox injections for brides

Wedding Season: Part Two.

And we’re off into the Look Lovely London sequel.

From last week’s A-list facial to this week’s spotlight treatment-

The long heralded and widely renowned Botox!

By now you’ve probably read plenty about anti-wrinkle injections on the web and been inundated with info, to the point where you might just be wondering what on earth to think or where to even start. 

Part of being slightly and justifiably daunted is Botox’s amazing knack for being used on multiple areas on the face and neck and, frankly, other parts of the body (hello armpits to stop sweat!). 

Which area to pick then? 

Decisions, decisions. 

First off, know that Look Lovely London’s Dr Wilson is happy to answer any questions regarding what procedure is optimal to fit your concern on the very day of your treatment. 

So you should always feel safe that you’re getting what’s best for you.

That said, for the purpose of playing favourites, as I love to do, especially in the season of romantic nuptials and gorgeous across-the-room gazes, my personal preference is, ta-dah

Botox for the eyes

Audrey Hepburn quote
“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,  because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” 
(Audrey Hepburn)

Take it from Audrey, guys and girls, eyes are the windows to the soul. 

So ensuring they look as awake and refreshed as possible for that moment when you look into your beloved’s oculars and say the words “I do” is sure to fulfil your wildest dream on that special day. 

Additionally, a bigger, smoother eye area preps you for wedding pictures, where we tend to squint and crease more frequently during summertime…

Especially when we’re posing tenfold with family, friends and drunken Uncle Mike.  

All right, so admittedly, when I went in to see Dr Wilson to get my eyes treated, I also had a few lines on the top of my forehead that were majorly bugging me.

But thanks to Dr Wilson’s quick and efficient procedure, along with the crow’s feet, those creases were smoothed out, so I looked five years younger days after my Look Lovely London visit.

Oh, and if you’re worried about pain, fear not readers, I used to hate needles (ah, those were the days) but each area required just a handful of quick pricks…if even that. 

You also have the option of applying their fab numbing cream, which means feeling anything isn’t much of an issue. 

Over a week later my eyes appeared wider and more doe-like. The brow lift I added to the treatment also boosted the general opening effect of my mid-face.

The entire outcome was fully noticeable after two weeks and I looked dramatically rejuvenated and more youthful in my Instagram selfies….always an added bonus.

Starry eyes extraordinaire!

So there we have it.

Whether you’re a beautiful bride or an honorary guest at the reception to follow, charm your beloved or that handsome stranger across the tent not just with your Beyonce moves on the dance floor, but with your even more impressive seductive, Botox-crafted wide-eyed look. 

Just another solution to being the fairest of them all this summer!  

And that’s all from your canny insider this time round, my sweets…

Have a fabulous May.

Yours truly,

Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client 

Look Lovely London offer same-day callbacks for any advice, questions or concerns you might have. They will offer you the best treatment suited for your skin type and aim to give you first-class care.

Four Weddings & A Facial

It’s May. 

It’s nearly June. 

More importantly it’s (drumroll)…Wedding Season!

So be the most beautiful bride this summer, or her equally wondrous wedding guest, with the Carbon Laser Peel, and get yourself pigmentation and sun spot-free and glowing.

Bride and groom - first dance
Get the “I Do” gleam, whether you’re saying the words or celebrating the fabulous nuptials with your loved ones.

I’m Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client and here to routinely tell you all about what the ladies at Look Lovely London offer in terms of treatments.

So, first up, ladies and gents, my favourite facial of all time…

The Carbon Laser AKA – Hollywood Peel!

Now, once upon a time, I lost my peel virginity to a pumpkin enzyme treatment in Los Angeles. 

After moving back to England, peels became more of a staple in my beauty routine, especially as my skin (hello ageing!) became drier, more pigmented and experienced new issues, like enlarged pores.

Enter Look Lovely London and their Hollywood Peel.

So at first, when the word “Hollywood” was pitched to me I was like- uh, is this some kind of salesy title- but low and behold, I discovered it was universally called that because stars in Tinseltown, like Angelina Jolie, swear by it.

Holly wood peel use by stars like Angeline Jolie

I did feel very Hollywood, as I lay down on the couch and got some delicious black goop smothered over my face and then crackle, crackle, like a magical wand, Christal, their top aesthetician, did her thing. 

In scientific terms, the “thing” was applying liquid carbon to my face, then passing over it with a laser. 

Laser face peel

The instrument looks somewhat like a Guy Fawkes sparkler but it feels more like a warm tickle with a rod of emitting light.

There’s a crackling sound that emits during the procedure but, after a while, the vibrations are rhythmic and pleasant.

The comment I made to Christal was- “wow, it feels like my skin is waking up!”

Christal did a few passes on my visage, first with the carbon mask and then without it. 

She explained how it was targeting the top layers of my skin and honing in on my imperfections.

I could even direct her to which sections of my face I thought needed further attention.

She then explained to me other benefits of the facial, like it stimulating collagen, and said by accumulating sessions over several months stubborn pigmentation and even acne scars could be successfully dealt with. 

Oh, and you can get your neck done too, which I highly recommend because it really gave me that overall youthful “wow” glow. 

four weddings and a facial

Fast forward to the procedure being completed, ta-dah, and my face being cleansed and calmed. 

I was a little nervous about seeing the results but when I was handed the mirror…

It was like someone had lit a bulb under my skin! 

No joke, it was glowing

Of course, I had previously heard there was no downtime to the Carbon Laser peel but I can confirm there really was absolutely none. 

There was no need to hide away from society that night and I took my newly polished face and hit the town and got a load of flattering comments about how healthy and dashing I looked. 

Groom making a speech

Hey presto! 

Yes, the Carbon Laser peel took my face to a much more luminous level. 

And here’s what the big winner was for me- the effects lasted longer than any peel I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot). 

After three weeks or a month, my pores were still smaller and I was more glowy than when I first walked into the office. 

This peel lasted, folks! 

Even on the skin tightness and skin tone front.  

And that’s all from your crafty insider, for now.

Next post, I’ll be discussing Botox.

Have a fabulous May!

Yours truly,

Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client 

Look Lovely London offer same-day callbacks for any advice, questions or concerns you might have. They will offer you the best treatment suited for your skin type and aim to give you first-class care.

Find Out The Secret Treatment To Reducing The Appearance of Jowls That Celebrities Don’t Want You To Know…

If you’re unhappy with your skin looking tired and older than you’d like, then we recommend our non-surgical facelift; the only non-invasive treatment that lifts and tightens your skin, without any downtime!

One of the most common signs of ageing that can really impact a person’s confidence is sagging jowls. This is the sagging skin that begins to form along your jawline which is caused by a loss of facial volume over time.

A non-surgical facial provides instant results and is one of the most effective treatments for jowel removal without surgery.

What To Expect From A Non-Surgical Treatment For Sagging Jowels

Before treatment you will need to come in for a consultation, where your skin will be assessed and you will be able to discuss your concerns.

Our Master Aesthetician, Christal, will carry out the non-surgical facial treatment. Christal will begin by prepping the skin and applying an ultrasound gel to the jowel area.

It is the ultrasound that works to stimulate collagen production in the treated area, giving your skin a more youthful and tightened appearance.

Will I Feel Any Pain Or Discomfort?

The high-intensity focused ultrasound used for this procedure focuses on the intended area to deposit high levels of energy in order to stimulate collagen production in the deeper levels of skin. You will feel the ultrasound working, but this shouldn’t cause any pain, just perhaps some mild discomfort.

What Happens After The Treatment?

Christal will go through what to expect over the few days following your appointment. There is no downtime with a non-surgical facial so any recommended aftercare will be minimal.

Your skin may look a little flushed straight after treatment and appear slightly puffy, but this will not last long and you will be able to carry on with your day as soon as treatment is finished.

If you would like further information give us a call on 0203 199 8245 and we will be happy answer your questions and provide any advice you need.

Discover The Best Way To Refresh Your Face Without Any Surgery

We have an exciting new tailor-made treatment available here at Look Lovely London!

Our Custom Medical Facial is tailored to suit your individual skin, so you can make the most of your treatment and benefit from both improved appearance and confidence.

If you have noticed the appearance and condition of your skin diminish over the years then it might be time to take advantage of our custom medical facial. This highly specialised facial is perfect for reducing the signs of ageing and providing you with that glowing skin you’ve been missing.

What Does A Custom Medical Facial Involve?

Medical facial treatments include cleansing, exfoliating, extracting and moisturising the skin.

Our qualified Aesthetician, will give you a detailed skin assessment in order to identify any specific issues and evaluate the overall condition of your skin. Once assessed, you will undergo treatments, using award-winning products, which are tailored for you.

Some treatments may involve the use of specialised equipment and the process is more concentrated than standard salon facials.

What Medical Facial Treatments Are There?

There are three variations of treatments to choose from and treatment times vary from 30-90 minutes depending on whether you select an express, custom or deluxe facial. You can also choose a Mesotherapy Facial or Red Carpet Facial.

How Much Does A Medical Facial Cost?

The cost of custom medical facials varies. Prices depend on whether you choose an express, custom or deluxe facial and the products which are used during the facial.

What’s The Difference Between A Medical Facial Vs Spa Facial?

Our custom medical facials aim to be more specific to your individual skin’s needs than a spa facial which you get at a salon. Our team specialise in skin care and are able to map your skin in order to identify the best products and treatments for you.

While we aim to offer a relaxing and enjoyable experience, we also provide expert advice and a doctor led clinic, so you can rest assured you are in good hands!

Call our friendly team on 020 3199 8245 who will be happy to begin discussions with you.

The Easy Way To Reduce The Signs Of Ageing

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as we get older is something that we all have to bear. While we do our best to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid factors that enhance the ageing process, even the healthiest can’t beat those stubborn lines that come with the ageing process.

Lines and wrinkles can appear anywhere on the body, however it is often those that appear on the face that are most noticeable, particularly around the eyes and mouth.

Anti-wrinkle treatment is one of the most successful ways of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, making skin look younger fast. Anti-wrinkle treatment, commonly known as Botox®, is a popular procedure with both men and women in London and is one of the best kept secrets to looking younger!

What’s Involved In Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

Making sure you know exactly what is involved in any cosmetic treatment is important so you know what to expect and to ensure your chosen treatment will provide the results you are looking for.

At Look Lovely London we use Botox® as part of our anti-ageing range of treatments, which is proven to provide fast, effective results when it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines wrinkles.

The procedure involves a series of small injections to the topic area and the full effects can be seen within 10 days, although you will likely begin to see an improvement within a few days.

Treatment is quick, with the injection process taking approximately 10 minutes. Your overall appointment will take slightly longer however, as we will need to discuss your goals and preferences to ensure you achieve the results you have in mind.

There is minimal down time with our anti-wrinkle treatment, so you can carry on with your day straight away.

What is Botox®?

Botox® is an approved treatment which temporarily reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Botox® is a world renowned brand and has been extensively studied and approved to ensure it is safe and efficient for use as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Wrinkles appear as a result of repeated muscle movement over time. Our natural expressions which include frowning, smiling and squinting all have an effect on our appearance over the years.

Botox® works by reducing this muscle activity, allowing the muscle to relax and appear smoother.

How Much Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections Cost?

The cost of anti-wrinkle injections depends on the treatment you require and the number of problem areas you wish to treat.

For one area of Botox® we charge £140, for two areas it’s £210 and for three areas it’s £270.

To view our full list of prices visit our Prices and Special Offers page.

How Do I know If This Is the Right Treatment for Me? 

Ensuring the right treatment is selected in order to achieve your desired results is important and we will provide you with all the necessary advice and information so that you are confident with the treatment process and results.

Your doctor will discuss your goals with you and will go through each suitable treatment to ensure the one used is right for you. Before treatment your medical history will be reviewed to ensure the procedure selected is appropriate and safe.

If at any point you have any queries or concerns we will be here every step of the way to offer expert advice and guidance.

Call our friendly team on 020 3199 8245 who will be happy to begin discussions with you.

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