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With so much choice in the aesthetic world, where do you start? Welcome to the Look Lovely guide – how to choose the right clinic and practitioner. A 6-point checklist on where to go for your cosmetic treatments and who to trust. 1. Does the doctor work in a clinic? It’s important that you chose… Read more »

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Wow, summer has gone by quicker than a Love Island relationship. And dare we mention it now but those sexy Halloween bashes and Christmas office parties are right around the corner. In light of the colder weather and that demon of dehydration, called central heating, Look Lovely London is here to ensure your face gleams… Read more »

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It’s July, beauties! And this article is going to discuss the hyperhidrosis – (Excessive Sweating Treatment) at Look Lovely London. Summer is on and, yes, miraculously, even in England…so is the heat! But, let’s face it, excessive perspiration can cause a lot of misery this time of year. It prevents you from going about daily… Read more »

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Part Three of our Wedding Season to “look fabulous,” features a treatment that, well…frankly, has caught the beauty industry by storm! Profhilo. This amazing Hydraulic Acid injectable is one of the best-reviewed beauty treatments out there and, after having undergone the procedure, Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client knows exactly why.  Profhilo is an all-around oomph… Read more »

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It’s May.  It’s nearly June.  More importantly it’s (drumroll)…Wedding Season! So be the most beautiful bride this summer, or her equally wondrous wedding guest, with the Carbon Laser Peel, and get yourself pigmentation and sun spot-free and glowing. I’m Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client and here to routinely tell you all about what the ladies… Read more »

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If you’re unhappy with your skin looking tired and older than you’d like, then we recommend our non-surgical facelift; the only non-invasive treatment that lifts and tightens your skin, without any downtime! One of the most common signs of ageing that can really impact a person’s confidence is sagging jowls. This is the sagging skin… Read more »

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We have an exciting new tailor-made treatment available here at Look Lovely London! Our Custom Medical Facial is tailored to suit your individual skin, so you can make the most of your treatment and benefit from both improved appearance and confidence. If you have noticed the appearance and condition of your skin diminish over the… Read more »