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It’s all fine time telling a tale, but when it comes to our appearances, we’d rather it left our skin alone. Thankfully, holding onto a fresh and youthful-looking appearance is no longer a problem, thanks to the ease and affordability of anti-wrinkle injections. Along with dermal fillers, wrinkle treatment is one of Look Lovely London’s… Read more »

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Vertical neck lines: how to combat this common problem Getting older goes hand in hand with the onset of many skin elasticity issues – crow’s feet, permanent wrinkles and bags around the eyes to name a few. Another common complaint as the years roll on is the appearance of vertical neck lines, which become accentuated… Read more »

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Nefertiti lift: the neck treatment that’s taking the cosmetic world by storm Turning back the clock is no mean feat. As well as crow’s feet, sagging skin and general wrinkles, a common skin problem we encounter as we grow older is the increasing visibility of Platysmal bands: the two strips of muscles running up from… Read more »

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Find out now how you can fix excessive underarm sweating with Botox and have lasting results in under a week. Many people hear the word Botox® and they think of reduced fine lines and wrinkles and a smoother, more youthful complexion. While it’s true that this wonder treatment can shave years off your appearance, it… Read more »

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How To Fight The Clock, Remove Wrinkles and Get Results Fast Here at Look Lovely London, we recognise that self-confidence is important to us all. The appearance of fine lines – whether around the forehead, frown area or mouth – can significantly affect a person’s self-esteem. Anti-wrinkle injections offer an effective and fuss-free solution to… Read more »

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How to get celebrity skin using just six products Oily skin, dry skin and skin breakouts: we’ve all been there. And we all know what an impact having bad skin can have on our self-confidence. Scanning the celebrity magazines does nothing to help our self-esteem either. Flawless photos of celebrities gracing the front covers with… Read more »