New Prices from May 1st 2022

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New Prices from May 1st 2022

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Further to our recent posts about the global shortage of anti wrinkle injections  we have had no choice but to implement a small price increase from May 1st 2022. This increase demonstrates our commitment to providing you with the highest quality treatments, using the best products available. Sadly, since our last post our dermal filler supplies have now been affected by escalating costs.  It is a small increase but it will ensure we can maintain and excel at the amazing services we provide.

Please note: We will honour all current prices on appointments booked prior to this date.

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COVID safety policy

At the clinic, we take infection control and cleanliness very seriously. We are aware our clients may still worry about the spread of COVID-19. We want to reassure you that your health, safety and comfort is our priority.

We have a strict infection control policy at the clinic. On arrival, we recommend hand washing and offer gloves and masks for those patients who wish to wear them. We deep clean all surfaces, doors, handle, bannisters and card machines after every patient. We can also offer protected time slots for our more vulnerable clients so they have little or no contact with other people during their visit.

Our staff are rigorous about cleaning and handwashing. We disinfect treatment rooms and couches after every client, wearing gloves and masks if needed. We also use Cleanisept to prepare your skin before treatment – this is one of the best antimicrobial agents available to reduce the risk of infection.

We want to put your mind at ease that we have taken all the precautions to offer you a lovely and safe experience at the clinic.

We understand you may want to bring a friend or family member along to your appointment for moral support. However, in these unprecedented times, we ask you to attend alone to reduce the risk of transmission.

Disclaimer  – Please note a lot of the visual on this website were manly for illustrative purpose and taken prior to the COVID outbreak. Rigorous usage of gloves and face masks are now in practice.