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  • Treatment by doctors with years of experience in anti-wrinkle injections
  • Boost your confidence – look and feel sexier

Tired of looking and feeling older than you’d like? With the onset of ageing; crow’s feet, permanent wrinkles, bags around your eyes and sagging skin, it’s no wonder self-confidence takes a hit.


What Is The Non Surgical Facelift/Ultherapy?

The non-surgical facelift uses High Intensity Focuses Ultrasound (HIFU) also known as Ultherapy that stimulates the production of new collagen and elastins deep within the skin. It uses precise ultrasound energy to target the deep structural layers of the skin without disrupting the surface.  After treatment, the body’s tissue repair process stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, creating a lifting and tightening effect. This goes deeper than the C02 laser that cause long periods of downtime and discomfort. It is the only non-invasive treatment that actually is lifting and tightening with no downtime.


The most competitive rates in London…

I really appreciated Davina’s honesty about what I needed. She did not push any extra treatment on me and openly discussed costs being conscious of my budget. Look Lovely London offers some of the most competitive rates in London but their service and follow-up is impeccable. I am over the moon with the results and I literally feel 10 years younger*.”

*Please note results may vary from person to person

Anti Wrinkle Injections

What To Expect. And How Many Treatments Will I Need?

You will need to come in for a consultation with the provider to asses your skin. This time will allow you to discuss your desired result and set your expectations. The treatments are customised for each clients. On average only one Ultherapy treatment will be needed to see a result but that will all be discussed in the consultation.

During The Treatment

The Ultherapy treatment is very simple. Christal will prepare the skin and start by applying ultrasound gel. You will feel the energy as it is delivered. Treatment times will all be determined on the areas treated.

After Treatment

The skin may look a little flushed and be slightly puffy. But for the most part no one will be able to tell you just had the treatment. This allows you to return to your day without having to change your skincare routine. Over the next few days the area may have swelling and a little tenderness. This is normal when you are creating new collagen deep in the skin. It is also possible but less likely to have slight bruising. This will all be reviewed in the consultation so nothing will be a surprise to you.

When Will I See Results?

It can be immediately after treatment. You will see the best results in about three months post treatment. We can also pair with chemical peels and microneedling to boost results.


About Look Lovely London

Look Lovely London offers a personalised service whereby patients are able to have direct contact with the doctor carrying out their procedure both before and after their treatment. Look Lovely London offer same-day call backs for any advice, questions or concerns you might have. Just click the Book Free Consultation button. Look Lovely London specialises in two primary treatments; anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers because they are the most effective treatments for combating ageing delivering natural-looking, long-lasting results.