As we age, tissues can loosen and sag around the lower face, jawline and neck, making us look and feel older. Ageing causes the skin to thin because the collagen and elastin fibres break down which results in sagging, deep creases and folds appearing.

PDO threads are revolutionary little threads can be inserted into the skin to rejuvenate areas and create a temporary lift, the result is more youthful, firmer-looking skin.

Threads can be safely placed almost anywhere in the face and body such as a flabby face or to tighten areas around the abdomen or arms – the results can be instant and long-lasting. Consecutive treatments can create lasting effects up to 2 years.

PDO threads cause painless microtrauma in the skin, which then causes new collagen formation resulting in improved tone, radiance and pore reduction. There are no cuts on the skin and the threads are easy to insert with minimal downtime or discomfort.


How do they work?

PDO threads are made of a product called polydioxanone. They are strong filament fibres which are ultra-thin. They can either be smooth or have cones attached.

The smooth threads are inserted almost painlessly into areas of the skin to improve texture and elasticity. The threads can be placed within the skin in a cross-hatch pattern to stimulate collagen production. Up to 50 small threads can be placed across the face to reverse the signs of ageing.

Cone threads create more of a dramatic lift when inserted into specific entry points and can reposition the skin restore lift and helps reduce sagging.

3 – 4 threads can be placed either side of the face in areas where sagging has appeared like the jowls, marionette lines and around the nasal folds. The threads will tighten, add definition and return contouring of the face. This is called the non-surgical thread facelift and is a brilliant new anti-ageing treatment in the industry.

Both smooth and cone threads create new collagen production around the area called neo-collagenesis and then the tissue contraction which creates a more youthful skin.

Although the threads dissolve naturally in 6-8 months, you will be left with the collagen you have produced, which remains in place giving you a smoother looking face.

Although similar to dermal fillers, PDO threads can create more of a lift and work with your skin stimulating new collagen, promoting local blood microcirculation which oxygenates the skin and also activates the reparative process of this skin.

This is different from traditional dermal fillers which simply replaces and mimics old collagen that was previously in the face.


What to Expect from your treatment?

This procedure can be done within 30 minutes by a fully qualified doctor who has had advanced training in the insertion of these threads. The procedure involves little to no pain.

Numbing cream will be applied to the face for 15 minutes to minimise any discomfort as sometimes patients can feel a slight stinging sensation similar to acupuncture when the thread is inserted.

If smooth threads are being applied to help improve texture and skin tone this will be gently inserted beneath the skin with up to 50 b threads being placed.

The insertion is just beneath the skin around 3-5 mm keeping it very safe. The threads differ in size and thickness depending on the area of the body being treated and your doctor will choose the most suitable thread for you.

If a cone thread is inserted for a more dramatic lift a small amount of local anaesthetic is injected into the skin to make the procedure pain free. The thread will be inserted with a blunt cannula (thin metal tube) which makes the procedure very safe.

Once the thread is in place the doctor will use their hand to create a lift and a compress the area to allow the thread to settle in place. This helps reposition the skin and lift areas.

The non-inserted end of the thread is cut and will move under the skin at the entry site, not being visible. Any redness from the entry point of the thread clears within 5 hours

You can resume normal activity immediately after the treatment. Please do not plan any other facial treatments for 4 weeks. If cone threads are inserted, please try and avoid sleeping on the treated area for 2/3 nights to allow the thread to settle in.

You can see results as soon as you leave the clinic but then your body will start producing its own collagen and new support tissues in the area in around 2 weeks. This is when the rejuvenation starts!

The downtime is only 1-2 days, as you may experience a small amount of bruising which can be easily covered up. As with all cosmetic procedures, immediately after the procedure, you may feel a little tender in the area as there may be minimal inflammation.

This will pass quickly over the next 24-48 hours. We recommend you are delicate with the skin in the treated area avoiding excessive rubbing for around 7 days.

There is sometimes a slight wrinkle or pucker to the skin as it has been lifted and this is normal. It will disappear quickly in the following days as the threads settle into place.

The results will evolve over the next few weeks and then best outcomes occur around the 1-3 month mark once the new collagen begins to form.

Treatment Areas

  • Brow areas to lift sagging/droopy eyebrows
  • Lower and lateral eye areas to prevent fine lines and bags
  • Cheeks to lift any drooping
  • Naso-labial folds to reduce deep folds
  • Marionette lines to lift creases and prevent a sad mouth
  • Smokers lines around the peri-oral area to smooth the upper lip area
  • Jaw area for redefinition
  • Chin to smooth and prevent the ‘orange peel’ look


PDO Thread Lift before and after 

PDO Threads Treatment - before and after


How much do treatments cost?

Prices start from £350 depending on the treatment area.

The Doctor will give you a clear price during the consultation and this will depend upon the amount of thread being used and the areas treated.

  • Chin- £350
  • Cheeks and Crows feet – £500
  • Lower face-£675
  • Jawline- £550
  • Full Face- £850


How safe are PDO Threads?

This procedure can be performed on anyone from 25 upwards, when the effects of ageing become apparent. The thread facelift does not require a general anaesthetic or invasive surgery and offers discreet and natural-looking results for around 1.5 years.

As it only takes 30 minutes to perform it can be fitting around your busy schedule. The PDO threads dissolve in the body over 6-8 months so are not permanent but in this period it will stimulate your skin to lift and have improved texture.

The procedure can be repeated over the years with minimal side effects and complications are rare.

Vessel complications are very rare as the threads are inserted with a blunt cannula just beneath the skin which avoids larger deep vessels and structures.

Unlike the placement of dermal fillers where a sharp needle often has to go deeper into the skin risking damage to deeper structures, the soft PDO threads can do little damage other than a simple bruise. The soft threads are therefore safe, not visible and not felt

PDO threads were first created in South Korea where fantastic results have been produced and the material has been used for more than 30 years.

The PDO threads are the same threads used in cardiac and other surgeries as sutures. They are used in lots of areas of medicine like gastroenterology, urology, plastic surgery and ophthalmology – they are very safe.

The threads meet the standards required by medical regulation bodies like the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the material have a high tensile strength, excellent pliability and smooth tissue passage.

PDO threads ultimately break down to water and carbon dioxide and are naturally absorbed into the body and cleared away.

The threads can be safely used in combination with other treatments like anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers and will not have any interactions other than enhancing treatments and results.


Why Choose Look Lovely London? 

  • Top-quality threads used, sourced from leading pharmacies
  • A wide variety of threads can be offered from mono, screw to cog threads offering you the best possible results
  • The treatment is made as painless as possible
  • Prices are affordable and will be tailored to your needs starting from £350
  • We are fully insured and professional with our advanced skincare treatments


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