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Part Three of our Wedding Season to “look fabulous,” features a treatment that, well…frankly, has caught the beauty industry by storm!


This amazing Hydraulic Acid injectable is one of the best reviewed beauty treatments out there and, after having undergone the procedure, Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client knows exactly why. 

Profhilo is an all-around oomph for the skin.

Not just because it lasts for a solid amount of time (hello 6 month glow!) but the treatment also has that special knack to rejuvenate skin at any age, giving it that air-brushed and “snap back” quality. 

Perfect for the bride and her multiple generation of family and friends, right?   

Now, admittedly, my first thoughts on hearing about Profhilo was…

“Another needle-based procedure?” 

I already undergo injections for dermal fillers, as well as Botox, and, so, being a veteran of Needleville I found myself wondering why I would need a third product inserted into my visage, moreover, what was so special about this one?

Googling Profhilo, however, the reviews spoke for themselves.

People seemed to consistently be fawning over the procedure….

Okay, interesting, I thought. 

I figured if that many clients were raving about it, especially considering it’s the, ahem, often quite brutally opinionated internet out there, there must be something to Profhilo. 

All right then, needle me up again!

(Above translates into “I booked an appointment.”)  

After sipping my delicious tea in the Look Lovely London reception, I applied numbing cream and wandered up the stairs to Dr. Wilson’s office, where I leisurely lay down on her table.

Dr. Wilson proceeded to give me a series of small sting-like injections on each side of the face…

10 jabs in total.

The injections felt different to Botox- they were slightly fiery for a few seconds, like I’d been stung by a tiny bug.

But the heated sensation quickly subsided.  

After my first session, Dr. Wilson informed me I might see some improvement in skin texture after the first session but the real change would be noticeable after my second treatment, which I swiftly booked for 4 weeks ahead.

That day, I left the Look Lovely London clinic with tiny hives at the injection sites, which went away after three hours.

Though I didn’t feel much skin tightening at first my skin did feel quite hydrated already!

In fact that my untreated neck started to look duller in contrast to my nice, dewy face. 

 By the way, necks can also be treated with Profhilo!  

It’s a great place to have it done because with all the wonderful treatments done to our face, it starts to look slightly out of joint if what’s holding it up is ageing faster. 

A month later, the second set of injections felt similar to the first round BUT this time the effects were much more dramatic!

My skin was not only more hydrated but felt tighter. Based on previous pictures, I even spied slight creases and droops on my face were not as visible and my cheeks even looked somewhat elevated, though they had not undergone a filler procedure for a while. 

What’s more, the hydrating effects of Profhilo were such that I found myself changing my skin care and make-up products.

I suddenly needed less expensive creams and serums and my cakey, heavy foundation got put aside to make way for much lighter products- a simple tinted moisturiser in fact. 

I’m still using it.

So what would I summarise Profhilo as? 

Well, it’s basically like having a strong moisturiser inserted under your skin, which is particularly apt for the walking-down-the-aisle season and summertime celebrations.

This half-a-year-lasting procedure basically gives that dewy, “I’m rested, relaxed and been on an extremely rejuvenating vacation” look…or, more cheekily…a constant, wonderful post-sex glow!

Hey, that’s something to aim for in the upcoming season of love. 

And that’s all regarding Profhilo this time around.

Until next post, with the exploration of another fab procedure.

Yours truly,

Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client. 

Look Lovely London offer same-day call backs for any advice, questions or concerns you might have. They will offer you the best treatment suited for your skin type and aim to give you first class care.