My First Time Getting Lip Filler

My First Time Getting Lip Filler (or any injectable!)

I have always been a very indecisive person, whether it be what to have for breakfast or what to wear to work I always factor in time to ‘make up my mind’ every day. Sometimes what I think I want is just a phase (think florescent dip dyed hair or yellow fur lined crocs), but I had been conscious of my lips for as long as I can remember.

I love a bold red lip look on others, but I always stop myself when I get to that point in my own makeup routine. I’ve never had the confidence to draw attention to my mouth in case I look silly accenting something that isn’t there to begin with! However ultimately it wasn’t wallowing in some sort of lip-less self-loathing bubble that prompted me to finally book in for filler (I had survived 26 years just fine and had become a dab hand at lip lining within that time), it was finding a clinic that made me feel welcome and a practitioner who really got me!


Finding The Right Clinic

After sifting through an abundance of London aesthetic clinics I came across Look Lovely London. Their reviews were what stood out to me first – with over 350 5-star reviews it clearly wasn’t just employees leaving these! I’m a sucker for a before and after picture so straight away I tracked down the Look Lovely London Instagram and TikTok pages. What I really appreciated was that along with these photos they had several detailed videos of Doctor Davina and her team explaining their treatments in a very genuine and transparent way. As someone who has never had any kind of aesthetic treatment done I was nervous of making changes to my face, but I liked how their practitioners described the process as ‘creating’ and how collaborative their approach seemed. I thought maybe a consultation in person might help me find out once and for all if my hopes were silly or realistic.



During my consultation with Hannah, I almost managed to forget that I was a total novice who knew very little about filler because as a Nurse she was able to answer all my questions and fully outline where the filler does and definitely does not go! She took a picture of my own lips and talked me through the specifics in lots of detail, marking the shape I wanted and where she thought she could inject to achieve that shape. With my concerns being my top lip and my hopes of gaining a more well-defined cupids bow; it was nice to speak to someone who was just as detail orientated about my mouth as I was!


The Treatment

To my surprise, lip filler is a lot less painful than I expected it to be! The process itself isn’t exactly comfortable, but it’s far from unbearable. Hannah started by applying a thick layer of numbing cream to my lips and left it to work for about 10 minutes which I think really helped. In certain areas I felt more of a sting than others, but it was only a small pinch for a split second as the needle went in. Wincing was minimal, my stress ball was still intact by the end and the treatment itself only took about 15 minutes. Hannah gave me an icepack to apply right away and an extra one to take home too. I was worried about bruising and asked for her opinion in terms of what I could buy myself from the pharmacy just as a precaution – it was a Thursday afternoon and I didn’t want to cancel my weekend plans! She suggested Arnica and I would also highly recommend this as it really helped.


The 48 hours after

That evening, my lips – especially the upper – were definitely swollen! One side actually appeared larger than the other, but I reminded myself that Hannah had said this was completely normal and that it did not mean one side had been filled more than the other. She was correct and my swelling had gone down significantly by the next morning. I did have a bruised upper lip but luckily it only appeared on the lip itself (no moustache bruise in sight) so it was really easy to cover up with a little bit of lip colour. We all tend to overanalyse our faces but honestly, I didn’t receive a single strange look in Sainsburys or on the tube!


The Results

Over the next two weeks my lips settled into a new yet still very natural looking shape! Now I finally have a cupids bow and rather than looking ‘full up’ my lips simply have a nourished plump look. My top lip no longer disappears when I smile, which has only encouraged me to smile even more! If you are thinking about lip filler (or injectables in general) I highly recommend booking a consultation. I was only confident enough to go through with my treatment because Look Lovely London made me feel understood and safe – they have a personal yet professional approach which made me trust their team every step of the way. I have no regrets except I almost want a little more!


Ready to book? Simply give us a call on 020 3900 2756, or book your lip filler online.

Not sure if this is the right treatment for you? If you would like a personalised treatment plan or advice, then please don’t hesitate to email us some clear pictures of the area you are looking to treat, and we will happily review for you. You can also read more about lip filler here

Check Out This Secret Trick To Lusciously Full Lips And A Celebrity Approved Pout

No matter what age or gender you are, we all share one thing in common: nobody wants to look older than their years. Indeed, many of us don’t even want to look our actual age and will spend a lot of money to look ten years’ younger.

One of the first signs of ageing, something which in its early stages may only be visible to yourself, is that your lips slowly start to thin over time. Thin lips can add years to your age and are a sure sign that your skin is starting to lose its vitality and youth. The great news is that there is a procedure you can undergo to not only halt the visible signs of ageing but also give your face more definition and a glamorous but all-natural-looking pout.

Lip fillers for thin lips are hugely popular. Since the treatment takes just a few minutes and has long-lasting effects, the procedure is extremely popular for men and women of all ages.

But what are lip fillers? Let’s take a closer look.

How can dermal fillers for thin lips work?

Since fillers contain hyaluronic acid which is found in human collagen, fillers for the face are designed to enhance your facial features as opposed to changing them altogether or dramatically changing the way that you look. By undergoing a few small injections into your lips, you can create a younger, plumper pout within minutes.

Here at Look Lovely London, we use two well-known filler brands: Emervel and Restylane. The fillers are biodegradable so your body will break it down over time and the procedure itself is extremely safe. However, as with all non-surgical enhancements, there are a few minor side effects which very occasionally a patient might experience, the details of which are below.

What are the side effects associated with lip fillers?

Many patients will not experience any side effects whatsoever but the most common side effect associated with lip fillers is minor swelling and redness. However, this is usually short-lived and will disappear after a few minutes.

Since lips are more vascular than other treatable areas on the face, you may find that small bruising develops across the lip area. This will usually disappear within 3-5 days of your treatment and you will be offered an ice pack during and after your treatment to keep bruising to a minimum. Since the main side effect associated with lip fillers is minor bruising, we always recommend to our patients that they plan their diary in advance to allow for this, just in case.

The most important thing to remember is that when it comes to lip fillers, pain is usually very minimal. You may experience a little discomfort when the needle is administered into the lip but since the procedure takes just a few minutes, any minor pain you might experience will only last for a short while.

How much do lip fillers cost?

There are many clinics across the UK offering lip fillers and prices can vary wildly. If you’re centrally based, lip filler prices in London certainly do range from the very cheap to the very expensive, and we would always recommend that you avoid both.

When it comes to any non-surgical enhancements, it’s important to do your research and put your trust in a clinic which is going to look after you, explain the procedure and, above all, charge you a reasonable and competitive rate for the procedure. Here at Look Lovely London, we charge just £280 for 1ml of lip filler.

If you’re unsure about having lip fillers, or you have any concerns about the procedure, our team at Look Lovely London is here to help. You will be offered a free no-obligation consultation to discuss the procedure in more detail and ask any questions you might have. It will also give our experienced doctors the opportunity to review your lip area and make the necessary recommendations.

Our ethos is to only give our patients what they actually need and we don’t believe in overdoing fillers where it isn’t necessary, so you can be sure that you’ll leave our clinic looking younger and, most importantly, completely natural.

Contact our team today on 0203 199 8236 and get yourself well on your way to having an all-natural pout you can be proud of!

Get Your Glamour Back – Reverse Tired Lips with Lip Fillers

Synonymous with youth, attraction and sex appeal, a plump lip look has been glamourised and sought after by females and males of all ages for decades resulting in the popularity and increasing demand for the treatment of lip enhancement. London is home to countless salons but Look Lovely London’s affordable prices and commitment to high-quality and natural-looking lip fillers make us an instant favourite. And whether you’re looking to create the perfect pout that you were never born with or to recreate the luscious lip look that has gradually disappeared over time as an effect of ageing, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands and that satisfaction and an increase in confidence is just around the corner.

Why choose lip filler treatment?

Over time, the body’s natural collagen gradually wears away, but lip filler treatment gently restores lips’ natural plumpness resulting in a fuller pout and a more youthful appearance overall. Our experienced specialist, Doctor Wilson, is dedicated to delivering a personalised service of the highest quality treatment, creating a sexy full-lip look to suit every face shape.

Because of our strong commitment to quality and ability to tailor treatments to suit everybody, customers walk away feeling satisfied, confident and more attractive than ever after lip fillers. London prices are generally expensive but Look Lovely London makes the treatment achievable for all.

What does lip filler treatment entail?

Look Lovely London provides a personalised service for each and every one of our customers, choosing the correct dermal filler for the best possible result. The filler is applied evenly to the lips, gently restoring the lips’ natural shape and softness. For a sexier look, we can treat the vermillion borders (the edges of the lips) but the doctor will assess which areas are the most suitable to achieve that natural look, regardless of how thin your lips are before treatment. Look Lovely London delivers precise, considered injections for the best possible results.

What should I expect after treatment?

Lips increase in fullness instantly after treatment, swelling in shape before settling down around 48 hours after the procedure. Small temporary bruises sometimes appear around the mouth but these generally disappear in around three days; the desired lip look will be achieved and visible in just two weeks.

If you’re looking for a fuller lip look in time for an event, we recommend waiting until at least ten days before to allow recovery time. Generally, the effects last between six and twelve months, when the customer can decide whether they’d like a second dose of lip filler treatment.

Does lip filler treatment hurt?

Before applying the filler, we offer each customer numbing cream and an ice pack to minimise any discomfort during the procedure. Our dermal fillers also contain local anaesthetic to make the process as pain-free as possible and customers are then sent home with an ice pack to apply to their lips to keep bruising and swelling to an absolute minimum. If you are prone to cold sores, please be aware that lip fillers may cause an outbreak and if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend waiting until you have given birth and stopped feeding before undergoing treatment.

Will lip filler treatment look natural?

Look Lovely London is strongly against the ever-feared ‘trout pout’ look, which is why we follow the tried-and-tested method of making sure that the lower lip is around 1.6 times fuller than the upper lip.

It’s our mission to make lips look as natural as possible and we believe that pouts that look too full are a giveaway of cosmetic treatment, which is why we place so much emphasis on making the lips look as natural as possible.

How much does lip filler treatment cost?

For just £250, first timers can get a 1ml (this amount is usually adequate) syringe of lip injections. London clinics can be expensive, but Look Lovely London recognises the importance of striking the right balance between affordability and high-quality treatment.

For a free consultation, please call 0203 199 8236 and our friendly and helpful team will be able to assist you in taking the very first step towards a luscious and more youthful-looking pout. Alternatively, please use our website to book a free consultation and request a same-day callback in just a couple of clicks.

Lip Fillers: Make Your Thin Smile Lusciously Full


Discover the answers to the most common questions about lip fillers and get naturally fuller looking lips now.

Many people bemoan their pout for not being plump enough, and most of us are not lucky enough to be born with a red-carpet-worthy smile. But the good news is that lip fillers can take even the thinnest smile and turn it into an A-list beam that’ll get you noticed for all the right reasons, for less than you might think.

At Look Lovely London, we’re all about supplying you with all the information you need, so we’ve laid out the most common questions about lip fillers below, to put your mind at ease and help you make the right decision.

Will lip fillers work for me?

This is most people’s concern before any standard cosmetic procedure: will it look natural enough? The best thing to do is to search the internet for ‘lip fillers before and after’ so you can get an idea of how much difference the procedure can make to the average smile. You can also compare the difference between having just one lip plumped up and having both lips done (more on that below).

By browsing images of other people’s successful lip filler procedures, you’ll quickly decide whether the procedure is for you and just how much lip filler you think you’re going to need.

Will my lip fillers look natural?

At Look Lovely London, we usually recommend having minimal lip fillers in the upper lip. Otherwise, you can end up with the dreaded ‘trout pout’! In fact, we run to a tried-and-tested formula that the lower lip should be around 1.6 times fuller than the upper lip. We can contour and augment the upper lip to complement the bottom lip to perfection. We know that these numbers are important in getting great lip filler results for our clients.

We also understand the importance of making precise, measured injections in exactly the right spots. Knowing where to make lip filler injections results in a more natural, lasting effect.

How much do lip fillers cost?

Once you’ve decided to take the pumped-up pout plunge, your next question will likely be: how much do lip fillers cost? It does rather depend on which clinic you choose, but if you visit us here at Look Lovely London, we’re offering first-timers a 1ml syringe treatment for just £280. 1ml is usually plenty to achieve the look you’re after.

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Lip Filler Injections: Everything You Need to Know

Will it hurt?

If done properly, lip filler treatment shouldn’t cause anything more than mild discomfort at the site of the injection(s). Good clinics will offer you ice packs to numb the area beforehand, and they will also talk you through the procedure beforehand to put your mind at ease.

Many people are slightly phobic of needles, so it’s important to make sure you’re completely comfortable before the procedure begins. The team at Look Lovely London are regularly commended on their ability to put people at their ease.

Will I be left with bruising or swelling?

If performed correctly, lip fillers will only cause slight swelling and the occasional small bruise. Any bruises will clear up after three days or so, and makeup can usually diminish these. Swelling will die down after about four to five days.

Because of the sensitivity of the lips and surrounding skin, we recommend that you book your lip filler treatment at least ten days before any significant events. We always send our customers home with their mini ice packs so that they can continue to apply them to the site of the injection and minimize the lifespan of any swelling or bruising.

How long do lip fillers last?

Your lip filler treatment will have effects that last between 6 to 12 months. All of our customers come away extremely pleased with the results, and a good number of them return to us farther down the line for repeat treatment.

Talk to us

Give us a call on 0203 199 8245 and you’ll soon find that we offer one of the most competitive prices for lip fillers in London. Simply talk to our friendly reception team and they’ll happily explain the procedure to you and answer any questions you may have. You can also have direct contact with your doctor to talk through any concerns you may have ahead of your procedure.

Call Look Lovely London at 0203 199 8245 now to find out how much difference lip fillers could make to your confidence.

Lip Filler Injections: Everything You Need to Know

Many of us are all too aware of the signs of ageing. The first place we tend to notice it is on our face. Lines start to appear, skin starts to lose its elasticity and our overall complexion begins to look a little tired.

Natural ageing is difficult to accept, particularly if you have spent years taking pride in your appearance. This can have a real impact on your self-confidence when you start to feel as though you are wearing your age on your face.

The great news is that there are now many ways in which you can stop the clock and, in some cases, reverse it. Here at Look Lovely London, we offer a wide range of treatments, each designed to target particular areas on the face or body. Since there are so many treatments available, it can be difficult to know which treatment is right for you. Let’s look at one of the most popular and common treatments available to anyone experiencing unwanted signs of ageing: lip filler injections.

What are lip filler injections?

Lip filler injections are designed to restore the natural fullness in the lips, especially if they have started to thin with age. Lip filler injections can give your self-esteem a real boost, simply by adding a youthful plump look to your lips.

What are the lip filler injection techniques?

Here at Look Lovely London, our specialist team is on hand to guide you through your treatment. We never begin treatment on a patient until they are fully comfortable with the lip filler injection process. Our lip filler injection technique is to always ensure that the patient leaves the clinic looking natural. We do not approve of the dreaded trout pout!

When you arrive for your treatment, we will explain the process to you. Once you’re clear on what’s involved, one of our team members will provide you with some numbing cream, which is added to the lip area. Usually only 1ml of dermal filler is added to the top and bottom lip. We also ensure that the ratio between the size of your top lip and bottom lip is just right. Ratios are important when administering lip filler injections. If your top lip is as full as your bottom lip then that is a clear sign that you may have overdone lip fillers. The objective is to look sexy, glamorous but above all, natural.

Once the lip filler injections have been administered, the lips tend to swell a little for a couple of days but then settle down to a natural shape. The full results will be seen after about two weeks and the treatment itself lasts from 6-12 months.

Does having lip fillers hurt?

Any discomfort associated with lip filler injections is minimal and can be helped with the use of numbing cream. The lip filler itself also contains an anesthetic which helps to reduce or minimise any pain. Most patients do not experience any significant pain during lip filler treatment but if you’re particularly sensitive to pain, just talk to one of our specialists and they will talk you through this in more detail.

Are there any side effects?

When it comes to lip filler injections, side effects are minimal. The most common side effect associated with lip filler injections is swelling and/or bruising to the lips. This tends to last from 4-5 days after treatment but our team will supply you with ice packs which you can apply to the lip area to help to minimise the swelling and any bruising.

We always recommend that if you’re having your lips done for a particular event, such as a wedding or work party, you should have your lip filler injections done at least 10 days beforehand in order to allow enough time for your lips to settle.

We hope that this guide has given some insight into how lip fillers work and what the process is. If you’re still unsure and would like a little more reassurance or information, just book a no-obligation consultation with one of our specialists who will talk you through the process.

Get in touch with us today on 0203 199 8235 and treat yourself to a brand new youthful pout for that special occasion!

The All-Important Facts: Dermal Fillers For Lips

Many people feel self-conscious about their lips and these insecurities tend to only grow with age. If you suffer from low self-esteem because you are unhappy with the way your lips looks, you will have probably tried lots of at-home, cheap methods to improve the appearance of your lips. Performing clever make-up tricks using lip liner and different shades of lipstick to plump up your pout can radically change the way your lips look. However, these solutions are only ever short lived.

Dermal lip fillers are the perfect way to restore your youthful look. Here at Look Lovely London, we have a team of experts who have changed the lives of many women across a variety of ages.

Undergoing any surgery, particularly to the face, requires a great deal of thought and consideration. Our patients tend to have similar concerns or questions about dermal lip fillers so we’ve put together this cheat sheet for anyone considering dermal lip filler surgery.

Why are you considering dermal fillers for lips?

If, like many of our customers, you feel that your face is not as fresh and youthful as it once was, dermal lip fillers can certainly have a positive impact on your look. As you begin to age, your lips can start to appear thinner which, over time, can affect your confidence. Dermal lip fillers are the perfect way to take years off your appearance by revitalising ageing lips.

But what’s involved?

Dermal lip filler surgery is very straightforward. Following a consultation with our experts, our team gets to work right away. After sterilising the lip area, clear gel is gently injected into the lips. You will then be offered an ice pack to apply to the lips to minimise any bruising or swelling. And that’s it!

Dermal lip fillers look natural, they make a vast difference to your overall look without radically changing your facial expressions and last for up to 12 months. The fillers biodegrade over time meaning that you don’t have to worry about having dermal lip fillers removed, so the overall procedure is not too invasive.

Dermal fillers for lips: before and after

If you’re interested in seeing images of dermal lip fillers before and after the treatment, take a look at our portfolio. Our patients are always delighted to see the instant results of dermal lip filler surgery.

These results slowly become more and more visible, with the full impact being apparent about ten days after treatment.

Are there any side effects to dermal fillers?

Some customers experience a few dermal lip filler side effects. It is fairly common to experience a little swelling or redness around the lips but this settles very quickly, usually within about ten minutes of your treatment. Very occasionally, some customers experience minor bruising but this is very rare.

If you do have some minor bruising, this can be easily covered up with makeup while you wait for the bruising to settle. Most customers do not experience bruising and are able to conduct their day-to-day activities straight after their treatment.

Do dermal fillers for lip lines work?

Yes. Many people feel self-conscious about their lip lines as they get older. Over time the skin around your lips can appear lined, especially when you smile or laugh. Our dermal lip fillers can smooth out lip lines, instantly creating a younger, fresher and healthier appearance.

Do dermal fillers for wrinkles around the lips work?

Certainly. If you have a history of smoking cigarettes, or you have wrinkles around the lips as a result of natural ageing, dermal lip fillers are a great way of smoothing out lip wrinkles.

Do cosmetic fillers for lips hurt?

Some of our customers experience minor pain during the procedure, particularly as the needle goes into the lips, but we can minimize this pain by applying a numbing cream to the area beforehand.

If you are nervous about needles then please discuss this with our team and they will do their best to put your mind at rest. As the filler contains an anesthetic, you will hardly feel it being inserted into your lips. Our team will always supply ice packs after the procedure to minimise any minor pain, swelling or bruising.

If you’re a first timer, we’ve got a page just for you which should answer all of your questions. So, are you ready to look and feel younger? Book an initial consultation with our friendly and helpful experts and discover a whole new you. Contact us today on 0203 199 8236.

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We have a strict infection control policy at the clinic. On arrival, we recommend hand washing and offer gloves and masks for those patients who wish to wear them. We deep clean all surfaces, doors, handle, bannisters and card machines after every patient. We can also offer protected time slots for our more vulnerable clients so they have little or no contact with other people during their visit.

Our staff are rigorous about cleaning and handwashing. We disinfect treatment rooms and couches after every client, wearing gloves and masks if needed. We also use Cleanisept to prepare your skin before treatment – this is one of the best antimicrobial agents available to reduce the risk of infection.

We want to put your mind at ease that we have taken all the precautions to offer you a lovely and safe experience at the clinic.

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