• Advanced prescription-strength skincare products
  • Eliminate fine wrinkles, dull areas and pigmentation
  • Look younger within weeks

If your skin has fine wrinkles, dull areas, redness, pigmentation from sun damage or acne, these advanced skincare products will make a significant difference to your skin creating a youthful, softer fresh look.


Dr Wilson of Look Lovely London is trained in the most advanced skin care products and is a qualified practitioner in the use of Obagi treatments only obtainable through a doctors consultation and individualised prescriptions.

During your individualised skin consultation at Look Lovely, your specific skin concerns and needs will be analysed and then the most optimal Obagi product will be prescribed.

Throughout the 4-month treatment programme, Dr Wilson will assist you through the process providing support and additional products if needed.

Nu-Derm Skin System

The Nu-Derm skin system is a revolutionary skin package which completely rejuvenates your skin over a 16-week cycle. The system:

  • Helps you regain your youthful looks
  • Renews the skin making it brighter
  • Regenerates damaged areas
  • Reduce pigmentation

Results are seen within 4-6 weeks and at the end of the 4-month package your skin will feel clearer, firmer, hydrated and evenly toned.

The treatment has 6 different products easily applied in a few minutes each morning and night.

The Nu-derm system contains a cleanser, toner, and hydroquinone lighter to correct pigmentation and dark spots (stage 1-3). An exfoliator is then applied, followed by a tretinoin cream (retinoid) which stimulates cell production and reduces collagen breakdown whilst increasing skin renewal. A moisturising sun shield factor 50 cream is applied daily at the end of the 6 step process. This prevent further sun damage to your skin once rejuvenated.

Cost of Obagi Nu-derm package Р£430 (Includes follow-ups where required)

Obagi 360

For younger skin, the Obagi 360 package is a simpler process which reduces dull uneven skin textures, tones, minimises fine wrinkles, treats break-outs and increases skin radiance and resilience. The package contains an exfoliating cleanser, a retinol cream and a hydrafactor moisturiser.

Cost of Obagi 360 package Р£130

About Look Lovely London

Look Lovely London offers a personalised service whereby patients are able to have direct contact with the doctor carrying out their procedure both before and after their treatment. Look Lovely London offer same-day call backs for any advice, questions or concerns you might have. Just click the Book Free Consultation button. Look Lovely London specialises in two primary treatments; anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers because they are the most effective treatments for combating ageing delivering natural-looking, long-lasting results.