The Non-surgical facelift treatment uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to stimulate the deep structural support layers of the skin and create lift by stimulating new collagen and elastins formation.

This not only improves the texture and surface of the skin but can lift and tighten unwanted sagging areas on the face and neck.

The skin tightening and rejuvenation treatment creates more contour on the face and improves the jawline. This revolutionary skin-lifting treatment is safe and gentle for both men and women.

The cosmetic treatment uses time-tested focused ultrasound energy to create a powerful process to revitalise tissues in the face and neck.

HIFU Non Surgical Facelift Treatments in London

What are the benefits of HIFU facelift?

  • Increased elasticity of the skin and the ‘snap-back effect’ as texture, tone and skin quality is improved.
  • Tightens and chisels the jawline creating a lift to reverse sagging combating the signs of ageing; targets face & neck.
  • Can reduce unwanted pockets of fat, for example, the jowls or submental fat (double chin).
  • No side effects and instant results, which improve over 3-6 months.
  • No risks associated with cosmetic surgery and surgical face lifts.


How does HIFU non-surgical facelift work?

This advanced technology can create a lift not only in the skin but also the deeper muscle layers, which was previously only reached by a surgical facelift.

The HIFU emits focused ultrasound energy to stimulate the skins deep support structures (epidermis, dermis and deep dermis layers).

By causing micro-trauma at the three different skin layers the heat causes revitalisation and stimulates new collagen to form, in a single treatment.

HIFU also stimulates the growth of new collagen over time, to gradually strengthen and tone your skin from deep within.


What to expect from your HIFU treatment?

The treatment is straightforward and takes around 45 minutes. Your face will be mapped out by our lead aesthetician, targeting your areas of concern.

Ultrasound gel will then be applied and the treatment will start. You will feel the heat and a mild tingling sensation as the device is moved over the skin. 

It can feel like a hot elastic band on your skin, and should only be minimally uncomfortable. Your aesthetician can go slowly and reduce the intensity if you feel any discomfort.

There are no side effects to this treatment other than slight tenderness in the area treated for a week after coming to Look Lovely London.  Rarely mild puffiness can be reported as new collagen is forming, but there is no down-time.

A patient can resume normal activities directly after the procedure. You will see results straight away after a single treatment but then your face will continue to improve and evolve with tightening over the next few months.

We offer a review and a free to-up at 6 weeks to optimise your results, this is unique to our clinic as we aim to provide the best possible outcomes.


HIFU non-surgical facelift before and after

HIFU Non Surgical Facelift jaw line lifting


Ultraformer HIFU Before and After Neck


How much does HIFU cost?

  • Full Face and Neck with a 6-week follow-up £1,200
  • Go Cardless – an initial deposit of £500 and then 4 monthly payments of £175
  • Neck, Jaw and Chin with a 6-week follow-up £800
  • Eyes or per-oral area including a 6-week follow-up £600


How safe is high-intensity ultrasound?

HIFU is very safe, the treatments are carried out by highly trained aestheticians who have had 1:1 training with the manufactures of the device. 

The equipment we use is the Ultraformer III, an FDA (Food & Drug Administration) medical grade device. In our opinion, this is the best in the industry offering the most painless and effective results. 

There is no downtime, no incisions, no scarring and no rest or recovery time needed.

As the device is highly focused, it only treats the areas of concern,
enhancing your own natural beauty and features.


Why choose Look Lovely London for your HIFU treatment?

  • Ultraformer III is a State-of-the-art industry leading device
  • We offer a six week top up review to ensure you get the best results
  • We have second to none follow-up care
  • As a Doctor led clinic, we can address more complex skin concerns
  • We are fully insured and professional with our advanced skin care treatments
  • Friendly, professional & approachable staff
  • Finance options available


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