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Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers & Skin Care Treatment Prices

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GoCardless Finance option available for transactions over £600

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

1 area £175
2 areas £250 (£123 per area)
3 areas £320 (£106.66 per area)
Excessive Sweating
Treatment (Hyperhidrosis) £450
Vertical Neck Lines
(Platysmal Band) £350
Nefertiti Lift from £255
Masseters £295

Dermal Fillers

The top brand Restylane is used and the Doctor will assess which particular filler is best suited for your face.

1ml £300
2ml £500
3ml £650
4ml £785
5ml £950
Tear Trough £350
Non-surgical rhinoplasty £350
If multiple treatments are given (3 or more) on the same day the clinic may discuss a special discount.


2 syringes given 1 month apart ( we recommend the 2 syringe package for your first time)

2 Syringes £500
Maintenance Syringe £250

Aqulayx Fat dissolving Treatment

Double Chin £350
Course of 3 (recommended) £745
Body area £450
Course of 3 (recommended) £995
Subsequent treatments offered at 30% off the initial treatment cost

PDO threads

From £500 depending on needs

Ultraformer HIFU Non Surgical Facelift

Facial Areas

Treatment full face & Neck
1 session plus top up treatment (includes 3-6 month top-up) £1,200
Neck, Jaw and chin
1 Session plus top up treatment (includes 3-6 month top up) £750
Eyes or Peri Oral
1 Session plus top up treatment (includes 3-6 month top up) £600

Ultraformer HIFU Body Contouring

(Four weeks apart)

Small (Knees/Bingo Wings) 3 Session from £850
Medium (Love handles, back fat) 3 sessions GoCardless - Upfront £675 + 3 month £225.00 £1,350
Large (Abdomen and thighs) 3 sessions GoCardless - Upfront £925 + 3 month £309.00 £1,850


£135 Each

Buy 5 get 6 £675
£112.50 each Normally £810 saving £135
2 months upfront £225 + 6 months £75.00
Hydrafacial deluxe booster treatment £175
Add on Perk eye treatment to reduce puffiness, dark circles and brighten eyes £40
Add on Perk Lips to hydrate, refresh and lightly plump lips £40

ZO Red Carpet Peel

£120 per treatment

Buy 3 for £330 saving £30 (£110 each) Normally £360
Buy 6 for £630 saving £90 (£105 each) Normally £720

Micro-needling with a Meso Cocktail

£225 each

Buy 4 for £765 saving £135 (£191 each) Normally £900
GoCardless - Upfront £383 + 3 month £128.00
Buy 6 for £1080 saving £270 (£180 each) Normally £1,350
GoCardless - Upfront £540 + 5 month £108.00

Epionce Corrective Skin Peel


1st Treatment – Lite Refresh
– Renewal Facial Lotion
– Corrective Peel
– Essential Recovery Kit
Total £295 1st treatment, £120 thereafter
Course of 3 treatments £320 (£40 saving)
Course of 5 treatments £540 (£60 saving)

PRX-T33 Peel

£240 per treatment

Course of 3 including creams £600
Course of 5 including creams £850
Finance for course of 5 – £500 upfront + 4 monthly instalments of £87.50

Dermaplaning Treatment

£120 per treatment

Treatment includes:
– Skin Enzyme Peel
– Mask
– Serums
Course of 3 treatments £330
Course of 6 treatments £650

LED Therapy

Add on to any treatment – £15 for 15 min treatment
LED Light Therapy Treatment - Full face £45

Advanced Skincare Products

Zo Skin Health – Medical-grade skincare products by Dr Zein Obagi

A fantastic new range of advanced skin care products to treat acne, scarring, pigmentation and ageing including the most advanced retinols in the industry.
Prices start from as little as £38 Please ring or come in to discuss your particular requirements
Prescription-only Eyelash growth treatment Lumigan (12ml) with Brushes (lasts at least 6 months and will give you your maximum eyelash length) £130
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COVID safety policy

At the clinic, we take infection control and cleanliness very seriously. We are aware our clients may still worry about the spread of COVID-19. We want to reassure you that your health, safety and comfort is our priority.

We have a strict infection control policy at the clinic. On arrival, we recommend hand washing and offer gloves and masks for those patients who wish to wear them. We deep clean all surfaces, doors, handle, bannisters and card machines after every patient. We can also offer protected time slots for our more vulnerable clients so they have little or no contact with other people during their visit.

Our staff are rigorous about cleaning and handwashing. We disinfect treatment rooms and couches after every client, wearing gloves and masks if needed. We also use Cleanisept to prepare your skin before treatment – this is one of the best antimicrobial agents available to reduce the risk of infection.

We want to put your mind at ease that we have taken all the precautions to offer you a lovely and safe experience at the clinic.

We understand you may want to bring a friend or family member along to your appointment for moral support. However, in these unprecedented times, we ask you to attend alone to reduce the risk of transmission.

Disclaimer  – Please note a lot of the visual on this website were manly for illustrative purpose and taken prior to the COVID outbreak. Rigorous usage of gloves and face masks are now in practice.