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Our clients journeys

Everyone has their own concerns and desires with they come to us. We want to create long term relationships with our patients and support them through their rejuvenation journey. Meet some of our lovely clients and see their transformations.

You will find more client transformations on our Instagram page or you can read our wonderful 5-star reviews.

Kelly's Cheek Contouring

“I’ve always felt my face was quite long and I lacked cheekbone contouring. No matter how nicely I applied my blusher and highlighter makeup, my cheeks felt flat.”

We injected a lovely filler with some painless shots up against the cheekbone on each side of Kelly’s face. The filler was then moulded and shaped to give her the cheeks she always wanted. 1ml on each side makes a nice difference but reman a subtle enhancement. 

Cheek Filler Cheek fillers after
“I feel my face is now contoured and I love my new high cheek bones! I feel really glamorous on a night out and my face feels framed and more feminine. Thank you Look Lovely for giving me beautiful cheeks. It’s a treatment I can’t do without now!”
Kelly's Cheek Contouring

Kat fat dissolving

“I’ve always felt self-conscious about my double chin. No matter how much I exercised and how healthy my lifestyle was I felt my side profile looked bulky. The excess fat got me down and I had to slightly lift my chin when taking photos to disguise the weight. In my late 40’s I could feel it was getting bigger, so I started to look for treatment options. I was scared of surgical options like liposuction so opted for Aqualyx”

Kat had one injection and had a soft cannula being passed into the adipose tissue to administer Aqualyx. The fat started to dissolve straightaway. At the worst, she felt a slight sting. The procedure took 10 minutes and we numbed the area so it is comfortable. She developed some swelling however this resolved within the week.

Aqualyx After Picture Aqualyx Before Picture
“6 weeks on, I feel like a new woman. The weight around my chin has gone and my jawline has contour and definition. I am now longer embarrassed about having photos and people have commented on how well I look. The swelling and mild discomfort was defiantly worth it. I don’t know how else I would have shifted this stubborn pocket of fat. I’ve only had one treatment and seen great results. The treatment also causes skin tightening so and I’m thinking about booking in for a second one. I am thrilled with this treatment!”
Kat fat dissolving

Gemma's Lip volumisation

“I’ve always had pretty lips but I noticed in my 30’s they were slightly thinning on the top when I smiled. Despite using lipsticks and liners I felt they had lost volume and my mouth was a little tight”

The team injected 1 ml of Restylane kysse which is a great filler for lips being both soft and versatile. There is only slight discomfort as we use with numbing cream, ice and local anaesthetic. We expect her lips to be looking great for at least 6 -12 months.

The borders of the upper lip were gently injected to give her more shape around the cupid bow and a nice contour.  The main bulk of the lips were then injected to give volume.

Lip Fillers Before Lip Fillers After
“I love my lips. I feel confident and sexy! I had no bruising and minimal swelling. I’ve got my lips that I had in my 20’s back. The team kept the ratio of my lips the same as before, so they still feel natural and nobody guessed!”
Gemma's Lip volumisation

Chloe's smoothing of smile lines

“In my 20’s I started to notice some grooves developing around my mouth area. It was ageing and my makeup started to cake in the fine lines. In certain angles in photos, I noticed a shadow in the area and I felt like I have lost volume in my face. It looked like my face was dropping down a little and I wanted my smooth look back”.

We treated Chloe’s nasolabial folds with a gentle filler to help lift the grooves and support the soft tissue from falling. We simply replaced the collagen that had broken down over time and split the syringe doing half  (0.5mls) on each side. We numbed her down with cream first and the filler also has local anaesthetic so her procedure was really comfortable.

Before Nasallabial Treatment After Nasallabial Treatment
“I feel like my mouth area is back to how it was around 4/5 years ago. No one has guessed but people have said how well I look. I love the natural results Davina and her team create. My makeup glides on nicely and for me, this is honestly the best treatment I could have had to restore my youthful look.”
Chloe's smoothing of smile lines

Pia's congestion clearance

“I have always struggled with congested skin with blackheads on my nose and dry patches on my cheeks. My combination skin has been difficult to treat. As a result, my complexion looked dull. I wanted a solution to address my skin concerns and to boost my confident “

Pia had just one Hydrafacial and her skin was glowing. She was taken through the 6-step approach with lymphatic drainage to clear toxins, then deep exfoliation to get rid of the flaky dry skin. We then applied a mild peel to dissolve the impurities to allow the blackheads to come out easily on suction and be removed. Pia had salyicylic acid applied to the greasy areas to help her acne. We then infused hyaluronic acid with peptides to hydrate and plump her skin. Finally, she had light therapy to calm her skin and rejuvenate it.

Hydrafacial Before Picture Hydrafacial After Picture
“My skin feels so silky, smooth and healthy. I loved going for a Hydrafacial every few months. The sallow complexion has disappeared, and my skin feels youthful and most importantly clear. All my friends have commented on how good it looks and I’ve even managed to stop wearing my concealer and foundation. I no longer get breakouts and I’m so happy and confident with my skin – Thank you Look Lovely London!”
Pia's congestion clearance

Katherine's facial lift with HIFU

As I moved into my 50’s I really started to notice my face was sagging and had dropped. I would look in the mirror I literally wanted to ‘lift’ my face back to how it was in my 30’s. I noticed some jowling with my skin quality deteriorating. It was upsetting to see my face ageing. I wanted to get the contours of my face back.

Katherine had the HIFU (high intensity frequency ultrasound) applied to her face and neck. The Ultrasound waves stimulate ligament and muscles to tighten which in turn lifts the facial structures again. Different intensity treatments were applied to reduce jowling and also to improve her skin texture. This treatment is especially good around the eyes and mouth to help with fine lines.

HIFU after HIFU before
"Wow- I feel 10 years younger. After one month I could really see some good improvements with lifting, tightening and contouring. I feel a lot happy with my face now and no longer focus on sagging areas. I‘m told I will continue to feel the changes evolving over the next couple of months- I can’t wait. My skin has an improved ‘snap back’ effect and this was the perfect treatment for me."
Katherine's facial lift with HIFU

Rachel's Neck treatment

“In my 40’s I noticed my neck looked older and almost scraggly. Despite having good skin my neck was giving my age away and I felt it looked crepey. When I spoke with animation these vertical bands would pop out. It made me feel like I had a turkey neck and I started to feel self-conscious about it.”

Rachel suffered from prominent platysmal bands that would pop out if she strained. Over time these bands become tighter and shorter on the neck. Platysmal bands are stands of muscle that line the neck called accessory muscles. We don’t particularly use them, so they can be relaxed with anti-wrinkle treatment. We injected 4 of Rachel’s overactive platysmal bands to soften and smooth the neck. It is virtually painless and lasts up to 6 months

xAnti-wrinkle injections in neck - after Anti-wrinkle injections in neck - before
“I love my neck now. It’s back to how it looked 5-10 years ago. It was such a simple treatment, but for me made a massive different.”
Rachel's Neck treatment

Olivia's Non-surgical rhinoplasty

From an early age, I disliked my nose and profile. I felt my nose was deviated and slightly hooked. In photos, I would try and find angles where my nose would look a little smaller and less prominent. I didn’t want to consider plastic surgery so decided to try the liquid rhinoplasty.

Olivia has 1ml of a firm dermal filler injected down the nasal bridge and tip of the nose. This gave the effect of a more straight and lifted nose. We carried out a very safe technique of injecting and it was virtually painless. The results are seen straight away as in the photo and the redness cleared within 10 minutes.

Rhinoplasty Before photo Rhinoplasty After photo
“The results were instant and I was over the moon. My nose felt straighter and actually looks smaller. The way the team had injected the filler gave the impression of a slimmer nose. The slight hook I had higher up was also cleared. I’m delighted with my profile and love the photos now!”
Olivia's Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Anica's tear trough Treatment

” I’ve always looked tired with grooves under my eyes and some pigmentation. I go into work and colleagues would ask if I had had a late night. I have also struggled with dark pigment under my eye since my 20’s having to use a lot of concealer each day. I feel very self-conscious about my mid-face area”

We injected 0.5 ml of Restylane refyne gently under Anica’s eyes using a cannula. The cannula keeps it a safe procedure and limits bruising. The grooves were lifted freshening the area and even the pigment lightened nicely with the filler underneath.

Tear trough before treatment Tear trough before treatment
"I feel younger, refreshed and more rejuvenated. I couldn't be happier with the treatment and it's made such a difference to my face taking years of it. I'm more confident about the way I look. I'll be having this treatment yearly to keep me feeling bright and lifted."
Anica's tear trough Treatment

Cassie's forehead smoothing

“Although only in my 30’s I noticed my upper forehead lines were really deep. They would appear whenever I elevated my brows in an animated conversation. I then noticed these fine lines were there all the time despite spending so much money on face creams. My makeup couldn’t hide them and actually caked into the lines. When I looked in the mirror I felt older than my age.  I was frustrated about how deep and quickly the lines had appeared.”

This lovely patient has a very small dose of anti-wrinkle injections into the upper forehead that was virtually painless. At the clinic we always make sure we balance the dose correctly, giving a natural smooth finish – No heavy brows in our clinic! We’d rather start off with a gentle dose and then get you back for a free-top up if needed.

Anti wrinkle injections before picture Anti wrinkle injections after picture
"My forehead is now line free! I can still elevate my brows but there is no excessive wrinkling now. My make-up glides on and my face. I wish I had done this sooner!"
Cassie's forehead smoothing
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