Get Your Glamour Back – Reverse Tired Lips with Lip Fillers

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Get Your Glamour Back – Reverse Tired Lips with Lip Fillers

Synonymous with youth, attraction and sex appeal, a plump lip look has been glamourised and sought after by females and males of all ages for decades resulting in the popularity and increasing demand for the treatment of lip enhancement. London is home to countless salons but Look Lovely London’s affordable prices and commitment to high-quality and natural-looking lip fillers make us an instant favourite. And whether you’re looking to create the perfect pout that you were never born with or to recreate the luscious lip look that has gradually disappeared over time as an effect of ageing, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands and that satisfaction and an increase in confidence is just around the corner.

Why choose lip filler treatment?

Over time, the body’s natural collagen gradually wears away, but lip filler treatment gently restores lips’ natural plumpness resulting in a fuller pout and a more youthful appearance overall. Our experienced specialist, Doctor Wilson, is dedicated to delivering a personalised service of the highest quality treatment, creating a sexy full-lip look to suit every face shape.

Because of our strong commitment to quality and ability to tailor treatments to suit everybody, customers walk away feeling satisfied, confident and more attractive than ever after lip fillers. London prices are generally expensive but Look Lovely London makes the treatment achievable for all.

What does lip filler treatment entail?

Look Lovely London provides a personalised service for each and every one of our customers, choosing the correct dermal filler for the best possible result. The filler is applied evenly to the lips, gently restoring the lips’ natural shape and softness. For a sexier look, we can treat the vermillion borders (the edges of the lips) but the doctor will assess which areas are the most suitable to achieve that natural look, regardless of how thin your lips are before treatment. Look Lovely London delivers precise, considered injections for the best possible results.

What should I expect after treatment?

Lips increase in fullness instantly after treatment, swelling in shape before settling down around 48 hours after the procedure. Small temporary bruises sometimes appear around the mouth but these generally disappear in around three days; the desired lip look will be achieved and visible in just two weeks.

If you’re looking for a fuller lip look in time for an event, we recommend waiting until at least ten days before to allow recovery time. Generally, the effects last between six and twelve months, when the customer can decide whether they’d like a second dose of lip filler treatment.

Does lip filler treatment hurt?

Before applying the filler, we offer each customer numbing cream and an ice pack to minimise any discomfort during the procedure. Our dermal fillers also contain local anaesthetic to make the process as pain-free as possible and customers are then sent home with an ice pack to apply to their lips to keep bruising and swelling to an absolute minimum. If you are prone to cold sores, please be aware that lip fillers may cause an outbreak and if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend waiting until you have given birth and stopped feeding before undergoing treatment.

Will lip filler treatment look natural?

Look Lovely London is strongly against the ever-feared ‘trout pout’ look, which is why we follow the tried-and-tested method of making sure that the lower lip is around 1.6 times fuller than the upper lip.

It’s our mission to make lips look as natural as possible and we believe that pouts that look too full are a giveaway of cosmetic treatment, which is why we place so much emphasis on making the lips look as natural as possible.

How much does lip filler treatment cost?

For just £250, first timers can get a 1ml (this amount is usually adequate) syringe of lip injections. London clinics can be expensive, but Look Lovely London recognises the importance of striking the right balance between affordability and high-quality treatment.

For a free consultation, please call 0203 199 8236 and our friendly and helpful team will be able to assist you in taking the very first step towards a luscious and more youthful-looking pout. Alternatively, please use our website to book a free consultation and request a same-day callback in just a couple of clicks.

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At the clinic, we take infection control and cleanliness very seriously. We are aware our clients may still worry about the spread of COVID-19. We want to reassure you that your health, safety and comfort is our priority.

We have a strict infection control policy at the clinic. On arrival, we recommend hand washing and offer gloves and masks for those patients who wish to wear them. We deep clean all surfaces, doors, handle, bannisters and card machines after every patient. We can also offer protected time slots for our more vulnerable clients so they have little or no contact with other people during their visit.

Our staff are rigorous about cleaning and handwashing. We disinfect treatment rooms and couches after every client, wearing gloves and masks if needed. We also use Cleanisept to prepare your skin before treatment – this is one of the best antimicrobial agents available to reduce the risk of infection.

We want to put your mind at ease that we have taken all the precautions to offer you a lovely and safe experience at the clinic.

We understand you may want to bring a friend or family member along to your appointment for moral support. However, in these unprecedented times, we ask you to attend alone to reduce the risk of transmission.

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