My Best Friend’s Botox

Botox injections for brides

Wedding Season: Part Two.

And we’re off into the Look Lovely London sequel.

From last week’s A-list facial to this week’s spotlight treatment-

The long heralded and widely renowned Botox!

By now you’ve probably read plenty about anti-wrinkle injections on the web and been inundated with info, to the point where you might just be wondering what on earth to think or where to even start. 

Part of being slightly and justifiably daunted is Botox’s amazing knack for being used on multiple areas on the face and neck and, frankly, other parts of the body (hello armpits to stop sweat!). 

Which area to pick then? 

Decisions, decisions. 

First off, know that Look Lovely London’s Dr Wilson is happy to answer any questions regarding what procedure is optimal to fit your concern on the very day of your treatment. 

So you should always feel safe that you’re getting what’s best for you.

That said, for the purpose of playing favourites, as I love to do, especially in the season of romantic nuptials and gorgeous across-the-room gazes, my personal preference is, ta-dah

Botox for the eyes

Audrey Hepburn quote
“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,  because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” 
(Audrey Hepburn)

Take it from Audrey, guys and girls, eyes are the windows to the soul. 

So ensuring they look as awake and refreshed as possible for that moment when you look into your beloved’s oculars and say the words “I do” is sure to fulfil your wildest dream on that special day. 

Additionally, a bigger, smoother eye area preps you for wedding pictures, where we tend to squint and crease more frequently during summertime…

Especially when we’re posing tenfold with family, friends and drunken Uncle Mike.  

All right, so admittedly, when I went in to see Dr Wilson to get my eyes treated, I also had a few lines on the top of my forehead that were majorly bugging me.

But thanks to Dr Wilson’s quick and efficient procedure, along with the crow’s feet, those creases were smoothed out, so I looked five years younger days after my Look Lovely London visit.

Oh, and if you’re worried about pain, fear not readers, I used to hate needles (ah, those were the days) but each area required just a handful of quick pricks…if even that. 

You also have the option of applying their fab numbing cream, which means feeling anything isn’t much of an issue. 

Over a week later my eyes appeared wider and more doe-like. The brow lift I added to the treatment also boosted the general opening effect of my mid-face.

The entire outcome was fully noticeable after two weeks and I looked dramatically rejuvenated and more youthful in my Instagram selfies….always an added bonus.

Starry eyes extraordinaire!

So there we have it.

Whether you’re a beautiful bride or an honorary guest at the reception to follow, charm your beloved or that handsome stranger across the tent not just with your Beyonce moves on the dance floor, but with your even more impressive seductive, Botox-crafted wide-eyed look. 

Just another solution to being the fairest of them all this summer!  

And that’s all from your canny insider this time round, my sweets…

Have a fabulous May.

Yours truly,

Look Lovely London’s Mystery Client 

Look Lovely London offer same-day callbacks for any advice, questions or concerns you might have. They will offer you the best treatment suited for your skin type and aim to give you first-class care.

The Easy Way To Reduce The Signs Of Ageing

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as we get older is something that we all have to bear. While we do our best to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid factors that enhance the ageing process, even the healthiest can’t beat those stubborn lines that come with the ageing process.

Lines and wrinkles can appear anywhere on the body, however it is often those that appear on the face that are most noticeable, particularly around the eyes and mouth.

Anti-wrinkle treatment is one of the most successful ways of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, making skin look younger fast. Anti-wrinkle treatment, commonly known as Botox®, is a popular procedure with both men and women in London and is one of the best kept secrets to looking younger!

What’s Involved In Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

Making sure you know exactly what is involved in any cosmetic treatment is important so you know what to expect and to ensure your chosen treatment will provide the results you are looking for.

At Look Lovely London we use Botox® as part of our anti-ageing range of treatments, which is proven to provide fast, effective results when it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines wrinkles.

The procedure involves a series of small injections to the topic area and the full effects can be seen within 10 days, although you will likely begin to see an improvement within a few days.

Treatment is quick, with the injection process taking approximately 10 minutes. Your overall appointment will take slightly longer however, as we will need to discuss your goals and preferences to ensure you achieve the results you have in mind.

There is minimal down time with our anti-wrinkle treatment, so you can carry on with your day straight away.

What is Botox®?

Botox® is an approved treatment which temporarily reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Botox® is a world renowned brand and has been extensively studied and approved to ensure it is safe and efficient for use as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Wrinkles appear as a result of repeated muscle movement over time. Our natural expressions which include frowning, smiling and squinting all have an effect on our appearance over the years.

Botox® works by reducing this muscle activity, allowing the muscle to relax and appear smoother.

How Much Do Anti-Wrinkle Injections Cost?

The cost of anti-wrinkle injections depends on the treatment you require and the number of problem areas you wish to treat.

For one area of Botox® we charge £140, for two areas it’s £210 and for three areas it’s £270.

To view our full list of prices visit our Prices and Special Offers page.

How Do I know If This Is the Right Treatment for Me? 

Ensuring the right treatment is selected in order to achieve your desired results is important and we will provide you with all the necessary advice and information so that you are confident with the treatment process and results.

Your doctor will discuss your goals with you and will go through each suitable treatment to ensure the one used is right for you. Before treatment your medical history will be reviewed to ensure the procedure selected is appropriate and safe.

If at any point you have any queries or concerns we will be here every step of the way to offer expert advice and guidance.

Call our friendly team on 020 3199 8245 who will be happy to begin discussions with you.

Discover The Little-Known 10 Minute Technique To Get Smoother & Younger Looking Skin

Wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process and become more prominent as we get older, but the good news is we no longer have to put up with them!

There are various factors which cause creases and lines to appear on the skin and the older we get the thinner, drier and less elastic our skin becomes.

The natural repetition of facial expressions, along with sun exposure, diet and environmental factors such as smoking and drinking alcohol can all have an effect on the condition and appearance of our skin, which in turn can effect on our self-confidence.

Anti-wrinkle injections, more commonly known as Botox®, are an approved treatment designed to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, so you can look younger and get your confidence back!

Why use anti-wrinkle injections?

Botox® can be used for a number of cosmetic procedures, from reducing the appearance of frown lines and crow’s feet to preventing excessive sweating under the arms. With minimal side effects and competitive prices on the market, anti-wrinkle injections offer both a safe and affordable option for reducing the signs of ageing.

How to reduce wrinkles around eyes

Fine lines around the eyes, also known as crow’s feet, are a common issue for many and one of the most noticeable signs of ageing. When we smile fine lines appear around the eyes which pull on the eye area, making us look older and our eyes smaller.

Botox® can help remove wrinkles around the eye area by relaxing and softening these lines so that your crow’s feet become a thing of the past.

How to reduce wrinkles and lines on the forehead

Botox® targets lines on the forehead quickly and easily. The treatment works by reducing muscle movement across the forehead, allowing the skin to relax and recover from repeated facial expressions. Skin appears fresh and smooth, leaving you with a youthful appearance.

What is the cost of anti-wrinkle injections?

At Look lovely London we offer competitive prices, making treatments an affordable option for our clients. Anti-wrinkle treatment for one area can cost as little as £140. The cost of treatment can depend on the area you would like treated and whether you would like one or more area to be attended to.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last?

The full effect from anti-wrinkle injections will be visible after 10 days, with most people returning for further treatment from 4 months onwards.

Are there any side effects with using anti-wrinkle injections?

Some patients experience minor discomfort when Botox® is injected into the skin, however the procedure is very quick and any discomfort is over within minutes. Some bruising may occur, however this normally disappears within 3 days and can be covered easily with concealer.

Call 0203 199 8245 to book a free consultation.

Find Out How To Maintain Your Confidence And Avoid The Anti-Aging Snake Oil

Getting older is something none of us relish the idea of and we all want to feel confident in our appearance, no matter what age we are.

Ageing can be a difficult concept to accept. For many years we have taken our youthful skin for granted and it’s only when we start to age that we realize what a blessing youth is.

Many of us will spend a fortune in our lifetime trying out various new lotions and potions. Some of us will opt for surgery to turn back the aging clock. But one of the most commonly used procedures nowadays, is Botox® and dermal fillers, also known as anti wrinkle injections.

Let’s take a look at the latter and how wrinkle filler injections can take years off a person’s age.

How do anti ageing facial injections work?

As you get older, the natural collagen breaks down in your skin and causes it to sag. This can create fine lines on your face, particularly around the nose and mouth area. Dermal filler injections target fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing out your skin and creating a youthful glow.

Dermal filler itself is made from a specialist sugar gel, also known as hyaluronic acid, which is also found in natural human collagen. The filler is biodegradable and the results are temporary. Although 96% of our patients return for further treatment, if you’re new to injectable wrinkle fillers, you can try the procedure for yourself and then if you decide not to return for further treatment, then your body will break it down over time.

Here at Look Lovely London, we use Emervel and Restylane, both of which are designed to give you the most natural looking result.

What’s involved in the procedure?

Once you’ve had your initial consultation with one of our specialist doctors, you will undergo a series of a few small injections. Some patients experience minor discomfort when the needles are inserted but if you’re particularly sensitive to pain, we will provide you with a numbing cream which can be applied to the treated area before the injections are administered.

The results are almost instant but the filler will settle over the following ten days or so which is when you’ll see the results in full effect. Results last from six to twelve months, depending on which area has been treated.

How much do wrinkle filler injections cost?

If you’re looking for injectable wrinkle fillers, London is home to many clinics to choose from and prices will vary from clinic to clinic. We always advise our patients to do their research so they feel totally sure that they are in the best hands and are not being overcharged.

We operate a fair and honest pricing system for our patients, so if you’re interested in finding out more about that, just speak to a member of our team.

Our pricing strategy is based on how much filler is used to treat the area. For one syringe of filler, prices start at £280 and for two syringes, prices start at £460, but this is all based on individual requirements.

We don’t believe in giving our patients more treatment than they need and our priority is that our patients leave our clinic looking completely natural, so we’ll always review your treatment plan before giving you an exact quote.

Are there any side effects associated with dermal filler?

Most patients do not experience any side effects from dermal fillers, with the exception of redness and swelling around the treated area but this will usually disappear within about ten minutes of treatment.

Occasionally a patient may experience some minor bruising to the treated area but this can be easily covered with concealer and doesn’t last longer than a few days.

If you’re new to dermal fillers and you’d like a bit more information, book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our skilled team. They can establish a treatment plan with you, assess which areas to treat and explain a bit more about what to expect from the procedure and the results.

Contact us today on 0203 199 8245 and treat yourself to a younger, smoother and more vibrant complexion that you can be proud of!

Find Out How You Can Get A Younger Looking Face With This One Secret Trick

We all want to stay looking young and healthy but even with the best intentions, regular exercise and a balanced diet, it can be difficult to stop the signs of aging altogether, particularly on the face. Lines around the eyes, or crow’s feet as they are also known, can age a person’s appearance especially when they smile, and frown lines aren’t much better for the self-confidence.

Anti-wrinkle treatment, or Botox® as it’s also known, has become exceptionally popular over the years. Men and women of all ages have undergone this procedure in order to stay looking young, fresh and wrinkle free.

We’ve put together this short guide to explain what’s involved in anti-wrinkle injections, before and after customer experiences and how the injections work to iron out your skin, giving you a smoother and younger appearance.

What’s involved in anti-aging injections?

If you’re new to Botox® it can be a bit daunting if you’re not sure what’s involved in the procedure. Botox® works to reduce overall movement in your muscles, giving your skin the opportunity to relax over time, and reversing the signs of aging as a result.

Botox® is extremely commonplace these days with many celebrities having regular anti-wrinkle injections, something not all of them might confess to! Since the procedure itself is so quick and easy, our customers can come and see us in their lunch break without anyone even knowing that they have undergone treatment.

Botox® involves a series of a few small injections to the affected area, whether it be around the eyes, the forehead or other areas on the face. Once the injections have been administered, the Botox® formula gets straight to work and results are seen within just a couple of weeks.

How much do they cost?

When it comes to anti-aging treatment, London is home to many Botox® clinics, each offering the service at varying costs. Here at Look Lovely London, we operate a fair and transparent pricing policy for all our customers. For one area of Botox® we charge £140, for two areas it’s £210 and for three areas it’s £270.

Are there any side effects associated with anti wrinkle treaments?

Some customers who are particularly sensitive to pain experience minor discomfort when the needles are inserted into the skin but this is very minimal and the procedure itself is very quick so any discomfort will be short lived. Bruising is pretty rare but if you do experience any minor bruising, this can be easily covered with concealer and will disappear within about three days.

What do our customers think about these treatments?

Without exception, our customers are thrilled with the results and enjoy having fresher, younger and smoother skin, and without the need for expensive face creams. Many of them also opt to return for further treatment, usually about four months after their last treatment, which is when movement tends to return to the muscles.

Which areas can be treated with anti wrinkle injections?

Most customers choose to undergo Botox® on the face since that is where signs of aging appear the most. However, Botox® treatment is also used to treat excessive sweating in the underarms, known as Hyperhidrosis, and on the necklines to lift aging skin and improve its appearance.

If you’re new to Botox® and you’re feeling nervous about undergoing anti-wrinkle injections, our team is on hand to put your mind at rest. You’ll be offered a free consultation before your treatment which will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about Botox® treatment and our team will be able to explain the process in more detail with you.

They can also discuss a treatment plan with you, giving you advice on which areas to treat and explaining when you may need to return for further treatment if you wish. If you have any questions about anti-aging treatment now or in the future, our friendly and helpful team is available on 020 3199 8245.

Get back in control of the aging clock today and take your first steps towards being the very best version of yourself!

Learn How You Can Turn Back The Ageing Clock And Get Smooth Skin In Less Than An Hour

How to turn back the ageing clock in a matter of minutes

In this day and age, it’s impossible to avoid seeing seemingly perfect celebrities on the TV, in films and in the tabloids, sporting clear skin, shiny hair, size-zero bodies and, most commonly, line-free faces thanks to much-loved Botox® anti-ageing treatment.

There once was a time when Botox® was so uncommon that if celebrities had undergone the procedure, nobody knew about it. Many of us just didn’t know it existed. Nowadays, the procedure has been entirely embraced by men and women of all ages and is fully accepted as being one of the most effective ways to turn back the ageing clock.

But what exactly is Botox®? How does it work? We’ve put together this short guide which should answer any initial questions you’ve always wanted to ask about this hugely popular treatment.

What are Botox® injections?

Your skin can lose its elasticity over time which can cause your skin to appear looser. Botox®, also known as anti-wrinkle injections, involves undergoing a few small injections to the face and body which are designed to reduce the muscle movement under your skin in order to give it time to recover. Your skin is then essentially ironed out and appears smoother and fresher, taking years off your overall appearance.

Which areas can be treated with Botox®?

Botox® injections can be applied to a number of different areas on the face such as frown lines, forehead lines and eye lines, also known as ‘crow’s feet’. When it comes to anti-wrinkle injections, crow’s feet are usually one of the most commonly requested areas amongst our patients. Crow’s feet are fine lines which appear around the eye area over time. These lines can make you look older and make your eyes look smaller, too. Undergoing anti-wrinkle injections on your crow’s feet will not prevent you from smiling naturally but will make your eyes look fresher and brighter.

Are there any side effects associated with Botox® injections?

When it comes to anti-wrinkle injections, side effects are minimal and fairly uncommon. Some patients report minor bruising to the treated area but this can be covered with concealer and usually clears within three days. You might feel minor discomfort when the needle is administered but the procedure is very quick so any discomfort will be shortlived.

How quickly will you see results?

Anti-wrinkle injections take just ten days to take full effect but by week two, you’ll notice a real change and improvement, and you can enjoy younger and fresher skin that’s full of vitality. Over several months, your muscles will break down the treatment and after three or four months, you will probably notice that gradual muscle movement has returned to the treated area. At this stage you can then opt to return for further treatment but you can discuss your overall treatment plan in your initial free no-obligation consultation with one of our trained doctors.

What is the cost of anti-wrinkle injections?

If you’re looking for anti-wrinkle injections, London is host to a variety of clinics, each with a different price tag. Here at Look Lovely London, we operate a clear, transparent and competitive pricing system and we charge per treated area for Botox® injections. For one area, we charge just £140, for two areas it’s £210 (£105 per area) and for three areas, it’s £270 (£90 per area).

In addition to Botox® for the face, we also offer Botox® injections for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating in the underarms) and this costs just £450 for both armpits. We also offer two treatments for the neck area: treatment for the Platysmal Band (the vertical necklines) with prices starting at £350 and a Nefertili Lift which is designed to reestablish your jaw line and soften unsightly neck muscles, the cost for which starts at just £255.

If you’re a Botox® first timer, give us a call on 0203 199 8236 and arrange to see one of our trained members of staff. You can ask any questions about the procedure, or ask for advice on which areas you should focus on treating.

There’s never been a better excuse or a better time to invest in the new you!

Learn The Secret To Removing Vertical Neck Wrinkles That Celebrities Don’t Want You To Know

None of us want to look or feel older than we are. And with the rise in celebrity press coverage showcasing men and women of all ages looking young and healthy, it’s no wonder we’re all searching for the secret to youthful skin.

Smooth line-free foreheads, disappearing wrinkles and young, fresh skin can take years off a person’s visible age. But a youthful appearance is not just about a wrinkle-free face. One of the most common complaints amongst our patients is the ageing effect of the platysmal band, also known as the vertical lines on a person’s neck.

Since we receive so many enquiries about how to reduce the appearance of prominent necklines, we’ve put together this handy guide to explain a bit more about how anti-wrinkle injections can help.

What is the platysmal band?

Put simply, the vertical lines which appear on your neck when you clench your teeth or tighten your jaw, is your platysmal band. The appearance of a prominent platysmal band can often age a person and can result in self-confidence issues.

Many of our patients believe that the only way to reduce the appearance of an ageing platysmal band is to undergo invasive, expensive and painful cosmetic surgery, known as a neck lift. While this procedure can certainly make a big difference, we recommend the much less invasive and less costly procedure of Botox® treatment. If you’re suffering from self-esteem issues as a result of a prominent platysmal band, Botox® is by far one of the most effective treatments.

How does Botox® improve the appearance of a platysmal band?

If you’re interested in the difference Botox® can make to platysmal bands, before and after pictures on the internet will speak for themselves. Botox® injections work gently to reduce the harsh appearance of a platysmal band, softening the area to make it much less prominent. Results can last between three and six months so you don’t have to worry about fitting in regular injections into your busy schedule and the procedure itself takes hardly any time at all.

How much does Botox® for the platysmal band cost?

Since there are many practitioners specialising in treating platysmal bands, Botox® costs can vary from clinic to clinic. Here at Look Lovely London, our rates for treating the platysmal band start at just £350.

If you’d like to get an exact idea on cost, book yourself in for a free, no-obligation consultation where one of our trained doctors will discuss your treatment plan with you. Our policy is to always work flexibly around your budget, as opposed to over-selling products or treatments that you don’t necessarily need.

Do Botox® injections hurt?

Most patients do not experience any pain associated with Botox® injections. You may feel slight discomfort when the needle is administered but since the procedure only lasts for a few minutes, any discomfort will be short lived. If you’re particularly sensitive to pain or worried about experiencing any discomfort, just let the team at Look Lovely London know and they will talk this through with you in more detail.

Does Botox® cause any bruising?

Some patients experience minor bruising to the treated area but this can usually be covered up with concealer and fades within about three days.

Which other areas can be treated with Botox®?

Botox® tends to be used most commonly on the face. Frown lines, crow’s feet, smokers’ lines and forehead lines can be easily treated with Botox® and with long-lasting effects, too.  In addition to treating the face and neck, Botox® can also be used to minimise the effects of excessive sweating in the underarm area. With so many uses, it’s no surprise that Botox® is so popular!

How long do Botox® results last for?

Not only do results last for up to six months, there is also evidence to suggest that Botox® treatment can have a cumulative effect, meaning that you’ll need fewer treatments over time.

If you’re worried about the appearance of your platysmal band and you’d like more information, just contact our helpful and friendly team on 0203 199 8236 and they will arrange for you to meet with one of our skilled doctors.

Give yourself a much-needed boost of confidence and treat yourself to a new, younger-looking you!

Find Out How Easy it is to Get An Anti Wrinkle Treatment Done During Your Lunch

Fast Botox® on your lunch break

We’re all a little intrigued by Botox®. Celebrities of all ages grace our TV screens or magazine front covers every day with young and fresh skin and, whether they admit to it or not, it’s pretty safe to assume that Botox® is one of the reasons that they look so good.

But what exactly is Botox® treatment? How much does it cost? How does it work? Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved and how you can fit regular Botox® treatment into your working week with minimal fuss or interruption to your busy schedule.

What is Botox® and how quickly will you see the results?

As skin starts to age, it can lose its elasticity. This happens with natural ageing but there are also lifestyle choices which can affect your skin’s appearance, such as smoking, drinking excessive alcohol and subjecting your skin to too much sun. All of these factors can result in unwanted wrinkles and Botox® is designed to help.

Botox® reduces overall muscle movement which then gives your skin the opportunity to relax and repair itself. Simply having a few non-invasive injections will make a lot of difference to your overall appearance and the results can be seen within 10-14 days. Patients who undergo Botox® can then choose whether or not to return for further treatment, usually 3-4 months after the initial injections when muscle movement starts to return to the treated area.

How long does it take to undergo Botox® treatment?

Since Botox® injections are quick, you can easily fit in an appointment on your lunch break and return to the office without anyone knowing that you’ve had any treatment. Some patients experience minor bumps around the treated area but this usually subsides after about ten minutes, leaving them to carry on with the rest of their day.

Which areas of the body can be treated with Botox®?

Most patients tend to treat areas on the face, such as forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines. You can also treat other areas of the body, such as the neck and armpits. The latter treatment is for patients who suffer from excessive sweating in the armpit area.

How much does Botox® cost?

Depending on how many areas you want to treat, prices will vary. If you want to treat just one area then the cost is £140.00. For two areas it is £210.00 and for three it costs £270.00. Botox® treatment for excessive sweating costs £450.00 for both armpits and prices for treating vertical neck lines start at £350.00.

Where can you undergo Botox® treatment?

If you’re looking for Botox® injection treatment, London offers a range of clinics to choose from. As with any cosmetic or surgical procedure, doing your research is absolutely key before you decide which clinic to use.  Our team at Look Lovely London is experienced and qualified in a range of treatments and offers a free consultation which is an ideal opportunity for you to ask any questions. We’ll talk you through the Botox® procedure and make sure you’re feeling completely comfortable about the treatment.

Why is London one of the UK’s most popular areas for Botox®?

Many of us lead busy lives and we want to know where we can receive fast Botox® treatment. London clinics are well set up for this, since public transport is so efficient and regular, so you can easily find a local clinic to you if you’re short on time. So, if you’re looking for Botox® injections on a lunch break, London offers a variety of choice.

If you’re new to Botox® treatment, give our friendly and helpful team at Look Lovely London a call. Our dedicated team will arrange a free, no-obligation consultation where you can discuss the possibility of having Botox® treatment. You can use the consultation to ask any questions you might have about Botox® and ask for guidance on which areas you should treat.

Get in touch today on 0203 199 8236 and find out how Botox® can change your appearance in a relatively short space of time.  With 96% of our patients returning for further treatment, we’re sure that you’ll love the results as much as they do!

Rescue & Revive Your Appearance Instantly With Anti Wrinkle Injections

It’s all fine time telling a tale, but when it comes to our appearances, we’d rather it left our skin alone. Thankfully, holding onto a fresh and youthful-looking appearance is no longer a problem, thanks to the ease and affordability of anti-wrinkle injections.

Along with dermal fillers, wrinkle treatment is one of Look Lovely London’s specialist areas with our experienced doctors using the procedure as a way to combat the signs of ageing and leave customers with fresher and younger-looking skin.

Where can anti-wrinkle injections be administered?

We understand that every customer is different, which is why we have expanded our anti-wrinkle services to treat the following areas: –

  • Forehead lines

Forehead lines are the horizontal lines across the top of the head, most often caused by the raising of eyebrows or surprised expressions. We can gently smooth these lines with just 4-6 very small injections.

  • Frown lines

Concentration or anger can cause deep frown lines to form in between the eyebrows with the lines becoming permanent over time. We work to prevent the formation and deepening of these grooves with anti-wrinkle injections, usually on a twice-a-year basis.

  • Eye lines (crow’s feet)

Smiling shouldn’t receive a punishment, but over time, it sadly has an effect on our appearances, causing fine lines to appear around the eyes, which in turn makes the eyes look smaller. We work with anti-wrinkle injections to return the brightness to the eye area without preventing you from smiling naturally.

  • Smoker’s lines

Over time, smoking or ageing can cause ‘puckered’ lines around the lips, but we gently administer anti-wrinkle injections in very small doses around these lines to soften them.

  • Other

In addition to the popular treatments listed above, we also administer anti-wrinkle injections to treat bunny lines (the horizontal wrinkles that appear across the nose bridge), protuberant pointy chins (ageing can cause ridging towards the lower face and chin), vertical necklines and the loss of definition in the jaw area (Nefertiti lift). We can also administer anti-wrinkle treatment in the armpits to reduce excess sweating.

What should I expect during and after anti-wrinkle treatment?

Ahead of your procedure, our specialist doctor will discuss your needs and concerns in detail before deciding on the most suitable treatment and the amount of dosage required. On the day, you will have the chance to ask any other questions about the procedure. The goal is to make you feel as relaxed as possible about undergoing treatment.

The doctor will cleanse the treatment area before administering the product with a fine needle no more than 3mm into the skin. A small stinging sensation may be felt upon treatment but this will clear within seconds. Little bumps may temporarily appear, but typically go away within ten minutes. Treatment takes just fifteen minutes making it more convenient than ever.

After leaving the surgery, you should expect the treatment to take full effect within ten days. By the second week, your skin will feel noticeably smoother. After three or four months, the body naturally breaks down the product, which is when customers generally come back for further treatment. Studies and experience have proved that the effects last longer after each consecutive treatment.

Will the effects look natural?

We are strongly against the ‘fake’ look, which is why we pride ourselves on our gentle approach for a natural-looking treatment. If you’re anxious about the procedure, we offer the option of ‘Baby Botox’, a smaller dose of treatment that can be topped up two weeks later if needed. The procedure is very safe and there have been no long-term adverse effects reported. It’s no coincidence that 96% of our clients return for further treatment.

How much does anti-wrinkle treatment cost?

Look Lovely London charges just £140 to treat one area of the skin, £210 for two areas or £270 for three. Excessive sweat treatment costs £450 for both armpits, while a Nefertiti lift starts from £255 and vertical neckline treatment starts from £350. For advice on which treatment option is most suitable for you or if you have any questions about our procedures, please call 0203 199 8236 to speak to our friendly team of staff and book a no-obligation consultation for free.

Wave Goodbye to Neck Wrinkles with This One Easy Step

Vertical neck lines: how to combat this common problem

Getting older goes hand in hand with the onset of many skin elasticity issues – crow’s feet, permanent wrinkles and bags around the eyes to name a few. Another common complaint as the years roll on is the appearance of vertical neck lines, which become accentuated each time we clench our teeth and tighten our jaw and worsen every time we speak, swallow, stretch and expose our skin to the sun.

At Look Lovely London, we are committed to reducing and eliminating the appearance of these fine lines and we offer competitive and accessible packages to ensure that everyone has easy access to the best treatment for vertical neck lines.

What kind of treatment for vertical neck lines do you offer?

At Look Lovely London, we offer anti-wrinkle injections (more commonly known as Botox®) to help combat permanent lines and wrinkles, loose skin, dull complexions and any other skin complaints caused by excess sun exposure, smoking, alcohol consumption, dehydration and general ageing. Anti-wrinkle injections can be applied to various areas of the skin and one of the areas we most commonly treat is the neck. Botox® works at reducing the appearance of fine lines in the neck, resulting in smoother and firmer skin, and thus a more youthful appearance.

Why seek treatment for vertical neck lines?

Vertical neck lines not only result in an older appearance, but they make our complexions appear dull and lifeless and, if left untreated, can increase the visibility of our Platysmal bands (the two strips of muscles running up the left and right side of the neck). Anti-wrinkle injections in the neck help to prevent the need for a Nefertiti lift (a neck lift) by softening the Platysmal bands and reducing any vertical lines running down the neck.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost to fix vertical lines in necks varies depending on the nature of treatment required but generally prices start from £350. The skin naturally begins to break down the product around three months after the treatment has been administered, so we recommend coming back for a second dose of treatment from four months onwards. Research shows that the effects of the injections are longer lasting and more effective after each consecutive treatment, so your cosmetic expenditure will decrease over time.

What happens on the day of my treatment?

By the time the day of treatment arrives, you will already have undergone a professional and personalised consultation, where one of our highly qualified doctors will have assessed your medical history and explained the treatment in full. When you arrive for treatment, you will have the chance to ask any outstanding questions and then, once you are comfortable, the doctor will cleanse your neck area and administer the needles no more than 3mm into your skin. You may feel small bumps on the skin where the product has been injected but these usually disappear within 10 minutes or so.

What can I expect after the treatment?

After around 10 days, you will notice the lines in your neck become softer and less defined with the skin feeling more supple and appearing more youthful. Over several months, the skin begins to break down the treatment, which can result in the reappearance of vertical neck lines. It is for this reason that we recommend coming back approximately every four months during the first year of treatment.

Are there any risks with the treatment?

Anti-wrinkle injections have been proven a safe and effective procedure and we make it our mission to carry out only the finest and most personalised treatments on all of our customers. For those concerned, we offer the option of ‘Baby Botox®’, which is a smaller dose of treatment, followed by a two-week review and a further small dose if required.
When the injections are administered, customers may experience some mild discomfort for up to five minutes with the majority of customers finding no bruising afterwards. For those that do, the bruising generally clears within a few days and can be covered with makeup. As the treatment is naturally broken down by the skin, the appearance of the neck will gradually return to normal, at which point you can decide whether you would like to return for further treatment.

If you are concerned about the procedure, would like to learn more about it or are looking to schedule a consultation, please contact our friendly team on 0203 199 8236 and we can kick-start the process of making your dream of having a fresher and more youthful appearance a reality.

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