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It’s July, beauties! And this article is going to discuss the hyperhidrosis – (Excessive Sweating Treatment) at Look Lovely London. Summer is on and, yes, miraculously, even in England…so is the heat! But, let’s face it, excessive perspiration can cause a lot of misery this time of year. It prevents you from going about daily… Read more »

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Whether your lips are naturally thin, or have lost their fullness over time as a result of ageing, you may have considered having lip fillers. Not everyone is born with luscious lips and even those who are experience a reduction in the plumpness of their pout over time. The older you get, the less collagen… Read more »

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How to turn back the ageing clock in a matter of minutes In this day and age, it’s impossible to avoid seeing seemingly perfect celebrities on the TV, in films and in the tabloids, sporting clear skin, shiny hair, size-zero bodies and, most commonly, line-free faces thanks to much-loved Botox® anti-ageing treatment. There once was… Read more »

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Getting Botox® in London, UK, has become a fairly commonplace procedure over the last few years. Because Botox® treatment is so discreet and straightforward these days, Londoners can now pop to a Botox® clinic on their lunchbreak without anyone knowing that they’ve had a minor cosmetic treatment. If you’re looking to have Botox®, London offers… Read more »