Face Flat, Sagging Skin Head On and Get Instant Face Definition With This One Simple Tip

If we are honest with ourselves, we’d all love to change something about our appearance. Those countless hours spent in front of a mirror critically analysing every flaw could surely be put to better use?

The rise of surgical enhancements and procedures amongst well-known celebrity faces in the mass media has done nothing to stop our self-critical nature. ‘How can I look more like the girl on the front cover?’ ‘How does that actress always look so fresh and youthful?’ We’ve all been there. Comparing ourselves to these people is almost unavoidable. We’re all in the pursuit of perfection, no matter what age or gender we are.

The great news is that unless these famous faces have exceptionally good genetic makeup, the chances are they’ve made a few minor tweaks to their appearance in order to look the way that they do, whether they admit to it or not!

Botox® and dermal fillers are largely responsible for the seemingly perfect appearance of celebrities. Let’s take a look at the latter treatment in more detail.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are designed to restore a youthful appearance and, since they are made with hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in human collagen, the results are completely natural looking. Dermal fillers attack flat, sagging skin which has wrinkles and deepening grooves, to smooth out lines and restore a fresh, young look.

In addition to smoothing out skin, dermal fillers can also be used to create definition in the face. Here at Look Lovely London, one of the most common complaints amongst our patients is about their cheekbone area. Your cheekbones frame your face and patients with lack of definition around the cheek area feel naturally self-conscious and are keen to make some adjustments. Dermal fillers for cheekbones are by far one of the best ways you can create instant definition in your face, and are so quick to administer, you could slot an appointment in during your lunch break and nobody would need to know!

How quickly will dermal filler results show on the cheekbone area?

If you decide to undergo dermal fillers for cheekbones, it is likely that you’ll see an instant result after your appointment. However, the full extent of the results will be visible after just ten days.

Results will last up to 12 months and if you start to feel like you want to come back for further treatment after this time then you can do so.

Do dermal fillers hurt?

Here at Look Lovely London, we’re used to working with patients who are particularly sensitive to pain. We administer dermal fillers very gently and the procedure itself takes just a few minutes. Some of our patients feel mild discomfort when the needle is inserted into the cheek area but if you’re worried about this, we will offer you some numbing cream which can be applied to the area before we get to work. In addition to this, the filler itself contains a local anaesthetic so this helps to reduce any discomfort associated with the injections.

Some patients experience minor bruising after having dermal filler treatment, while others do not have any bruising whatsoever. After your treatment, we will offer you an ice pack that you can apply to the area, to minimise bruising or prevent it altogether.

How much do dermal fillers cost?

When it comes to dermal filler prices, London is home to many clinics offering dermal filler treatments and each of these vary in terms of cost. Our policy at Look Lovely London is to make dermal fillers affordable and accessible so our prices are very competitive. For 1 syringe of dermal filler, our prices start at just £280. If you’re new to dermal fillers, we also offer a special price for first timers at just £250 for 1 syringe of filler.

If you’re looking to create some definition in your cheekbone area, dermal fillers will most definitely help. Give our helpful and friendly team a call on 0203 199 8236 and book yourself a free no-obligation consultation with one of our skilled and qualified doctors.

Leave ageing cheekbones well and truly in the past and invest in the new and improved you!

Need-to-Know Facts About Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Wrinkles are one of the most noticeable signs of ageing but thankfully anti-wrinkle injections, also known as Botox®, are a quick and easy way to instantly make you look younger.

Ageing is a natural process and something that will happen to all of us, but that doesn’t mean that wrinkles or sagging on the face don’t have a significant impact on our self esteem. These days, anti-wrinkle injections aren’t reserved exclusively for the rich and famous. They are now widely used by both men and women to turn back the clock and maintain a look of youthful vitality.

Those who are new to the world of anti-wrinkle treatments often have many questions. So we’ve put together a short guide to give you an overview of the in and outs of the process, as well as some of our best anti-wrinkle treatment tips.

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

Anti-wrinkle injections work by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles to reduce movement, which then causes wrinkles to relax and soften.

The treatment is extremely simple and quick. Here at Look Lovely London, after a consultation in which we discuss your medical history and the benefits of anti-wrinkle treatments, we sterilise the problem area and the treatment is administered with very fine needles, which means that patients tend to feel no pain beyond a slight sting. The process is so quick and easy that you can immediately get on with your day. Many of our patients even schedule their treatments to coincide with their lunch breaks. Then it’s straight back to work!

There is usually no evidence of the injections beyond a few small bumps, which tend to disappear very quickly. Occasionally some patients experience mild side effects such as muscle stiffness or headaches, but our experienced team is on hand to help should you have any concerns.

Why is Botox® the best anti-wrinkle ageing treatment?

Having an active lifestyle, eating well and sticking to a good beauty regime can all help to keep you looking younger. However, age is going to catch up with all of us eventually.

Drinking, smoking and sun exposure, even in our youth, can take its toll on our faces once we reach a certain age. Even the most expensive anti-wrinkle moisturiser on the market is never going to make a dramatic difference to your face.

This is why Botox® has become so popular as an anti-ageing procedure because you notice the change to your face almost immediately and the effects are long lasting.  Our customers have discovered that it makes much more sense to invest in their appearance through occasional anti-wrinkle treatments as opposed to spending huge amounts of money on anti-ageing products every month.

How long does Botox® last?

The effects of the treatment generally last about three to four months, when movement starts to return to the face. At this point most customers book another appointment, but it has been shown that, in some cases, the effects of Botox® build up over time meaning that some patients can leave longer gaps between treatments.

Some first-timers worry that anti-wrinkle injections will give them a ‘frozen’ look, but our team at Look Lovely London is committed to making sure all of our patients look completely natural after their treatment. If you have treatments administered too frequently this can sometimes cause the dreaded ‘frozen’ face. We always advise our clients to make sure they leave the appropriate amount of time between visits.

With such a simple process, and quick and long-lasting results, it’s not hard to see why Botox® is a hugely popular, top-rated anti-wrinkle treatment.

Which areas can be treated with anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are very versatile, but the majority of our patients use them to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, bags under the eyes or frown lines on the forehead, as these are some of the areas where ageing is most noticeable.

If you are considering anti-wrinkle treatments, especially for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. Give our knowledgeable and friendly team a call on 0203 199 8236 to have your questions answered, discuss your options and get one step closer to seeing how Botox® can take years off appearance with just one treatment.

How to Create Definition in Your Cheeks

Dermal fillers are commonly used to correct lines, scars or lack of definition on the skin. But dermal fillers do not just correct problematic skin; they can also dramatically improve the look of your face by adding fillers into your cheeks.

Dermal fillers for cheeks are extremely popular. Rather than opting for invasive and expensive cosmetic surgery, dermal fillers for cheeks are a fantastic way of framing and defining your face and instantly taking years off your appearance.

Dermal fillers for cheekbones creates a more defined, youthful look and can dramatically improve your facial features.

How do dermal fillers for the cheeks help?

Over time, natural aging kicks in and you start to wear your age on your face. It can be disheartening to watch your appearance change over time and you can become quite self-conscious about your facial appearance. Dermal fillers are an affordable, non-invasive way to stop the aging process simply by having a series of small injections to the skin.

Dermal fillers can fill your cheeks out, especially if they have become flat and saggy over time, and the great news is that nobody needs to know that you have undergone cosmetic treatment. The results are subtle to everyone around you, but to you they will be immediately obvious. Results last up to 12 months so you do not need to make regular trips to the clinic to keep on top of your new and improved look.

Can anyone benefit from having dermal fillers for cheeks?

Absolutely. Dermal fillers for cheeks can make a vast improvement to anyone’s face. However, if you have a skin breakout or any kind of inflammation on the skin, we would recommend that you wait for this to clear up before undergoing dermal filler treatment on your cheeks.

Which dermal fillers are intended for the cheeks?

When it comes to using the best dermal filler for cheek augmentation, our consultants at Look Lovely London know exactly what they’re doing. We use Emervel and Restylane which we believe are the very best dermal fillers for cheeks. Fairly new to the market, Emervel creates the most natural-looking results thanks to the hyaluronic acid ingredient which is also found in human collagen.

Once the treatment has been injected into the cheek, it is designed to pull in water to hydrate the skin, giving you an immediately refreshed look. Not only does dermal filler contain natural collagen designed to turn back the clock, it also contains antioxidant qualities which moisturise your skin much more effectively than even the most expensive, top brand moisturiser.

Do dermal fillers hurt?

Most patients do not experience any pain when they have dermal fillers. Some report mild discomfort while the needle is inserted into the skin but the pain is short-lived and minimal.

If you have a low pain threshold, our team will suggest that you use numbing cream on the cheek area before the treatment is administered. This can help to minimise any discomfort during treatment. The filler also contains a mild anesthetic so when the needle makes contact with the skin, you will hardly feel a thing. We will always supply ice packs after dermal filler treatment which can be used to minimise any bruising.

Are there any side effects to dermal fillers for cheeks?

You may experience a little minor swelling or redness immediately after your treatment but this typically disappears within about ten minutes. Many of our patients are able to carry on with their day as normal after having dermal fillers administered.

Although minor bruising can occur, any serious complications with dermal fillers are extremely rare but if you have any concerns about your treatment, our team will put your mind at ease.

How much do dermal fillers for cheeks cost?

If you are a first timer to dermal fillers, we offer an introductory fee of £250 for 1 syringe of filler. If you choose to come back for additional treatments then the cost per treatment starts at just £280 for 1 syringe.

If you’re new to cosmetic treatment and are feeling nervous, please get in touch. Our team will explain the procedure in full and will answer any questions you might have. Contact us on 0203 199 8236 to find out how dermal fillers can immediately improve the way you look at yourself.

The Easy Way To Banish Frown Lines

We’ve all been there; spending hours in front of the mirror agonising over our facial flaws. But what is the number one complaint for men and women of a certain age? Yes, you guessed it: frown lines.

Frown lines on a forehead can instantly age a person’s face. Over time your skin loses elasticity and, as the natural collagen starts to break down, frown lines start to take over. But millions of men and women worldwide are now enjoying younger, fresher and brighter-looking skin, thanks to super-simple dermal filler treatment.

How do dermal fillers reduce frown lines?

Once the dermal fillers are gently injected into the forehead, it quickly starts to pull in water, which fully hydrates the skin, smoothing out lines and giving a fresher appearance.

Not only do dermal fillers reduce frown lines, the treatment also has antioxidant benefits meaning that the skin appears smoother and brighter. In fact, the results from dermal filler treatment are always far more effective than using an expensive, top-brand moisturiser.

Do dermal fillers on the forehead hurt?

Most patients do not experience any pain from dermal fillers on their forehead except for minor discomfort when the needle is inserted into the skin. Our expert team at Look Lovely London is skilled and experienced in administering sensitive and gentle injections, so any pain or discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum.

The dermal filler also contains a local anesthetic which numbs the skin to ensure that any sensation felt when the needle is injected is very minor. Our team also provides specially designed mini ice packs after dermal filler treatment which can be placed on your forehead to reduce and minimise any bruising or swelling.

Can anyone have dermal fillers for frown lines?

Yes. We have administered dermal fillers for men and women of all ages.

However, if you have any acne or breakouts on your skin, we do recommend that you wait for this to calm down before you undergo any dermal filler treatment. We also cannot administer dermal fillers to pregnant women or breastfeeding mums so it’s best to postpone your dermal filler treatment until your body is back to its normal self.

Are there any side effects from dermal filler treatment?

You may experience minor redness or swelling to the forehead after dermal filler treatment but this usually disappears quickly.

Most of our patients find that after a short period of time they are able to get on with the rest of their day without anyone knowing that they have just undergone dermal filler treatment. Some people even pop out to visit us on their lunch break, heading back to work feeling revived and refreshed.

It really is that simple!

When will you see results and how long do the results last?

You will see instant results after your treatment has been administered. However, increased results will be noticeable during the 10 days or so following your treatment. After 10 days have passed, you’ll be looking and feeling your very best. Results can last from between six and twelve months so you do not need to worry about having to have the treatment on a regular basis.

When it comes to reducing frown lines on aging foreheads, dermal fillers really are a superb option. Not only is the procedure non-invasive and almost completely pain free, the results can be seen for months after the treatment, delivering a huge, long-lasting boost to your confidence.

As with any cosmetic treatments, you are bound to feel slightly anxious and maybe a bit cautious. Many of our patients feel a little uneasy, especially if it is their first experience of having dermal filler treatment. Our team members are skilled, friendly and understanding and can put your mind at rest by answering any questions you may have, so you can book your appointment with confidence.

Dermal filler treatment for eliminating frown lines is very common and extremely popular. Book your appointment and find out why! Contact us today on 0203 199 8236.

The All-Important Facts: Dermal Fillers For Lips

Many people feel self-conscious about their lips and these insecurities tend to only grow with age. If you suffer from low self-esteem because you are unhappy with the way your lips looks, you will have probably tried lots of at-home, cheap methods to improve the appearance of your lips. Performing clever make-up tricks using lip liner and different shades of lipstick to plump up your pout can radically change the way your lips look. However, these solutions are only ever short lived.

Dermal lip fillers are the perfect way to restore your youthful look. Here at Look Lovely London, we have a team of experts who have changed the lives of many women across a variety of ages.

Undergoing any surgery, particularly to the face, requires a great deal of thought and consideration. Our patients tend to have similar concerns or questions about dermal lip fillers so we’ve put together this cheat sheet for anyone considering dermal lip filler surgery.

Why are you considering dermal fillers for lips?

If, like many of our customers, you feel that your face is not as fresh and youthful as it once was, dermal lip fillers can certainly have a positive impact on your look. As you begin to age, your lips can start to appear thinner which, over time, can affect your confidence. Dermal lip fillers are the perfect way to take years off your appearance by revitalising ageing lips.

But what’s involved?

Dermal lip filler surgery is very straightforward. Following a consultation with our experts, our team gets to work right away. After sterilising the lip area, clear gel is gently injected into the lips. You will then be offered an ice pack to apply to the lips to minimise any bruising or swelling. And that’s it!

Dermal lip fillers look natural, they make a vast difference to your overall look without radically changing your facial expressions and last for up to 12 months. The fillers biodegrade over time meaning that you don’t have to worry about having dermal lip fillers removed, so the overall procedure is not too invasive.

Dermal fillers for lips: before and after

If you’re interested in seeing images of dermal lip fillers before and after the treatment, take a look at our portfolio. Our patients are always delighted to see the instant results of dermal lip filler surgery.

These results slowly become more and more visible, with the full impact being apparent about ten days after treatment.

Are there any side effects to dermal fillers?

Some customers experience a few dermal lip filler side effects. It is fairly common to experience a little swelling or redness around the lips but this settles very quickly, usually within about ten minutes of your treatment. Very occasionally, some customers experience minor bruising but this is very rare.

If you do have some minor bruising, this can be easily covered up with makeup while you wait for the bruising to settle. Most customers do not experience bruising and are able to conduct their day-to-day activities straight after their treatment.

Do dermal fillers for lip lines work?

Yes. Many people feel self-conscious about their lip lines as they get older. Over time the skin around your lips can appear lined, especially when you smile or laugh. Our dermal lip fillers can smooth out lip lines, instantly creating a younger, fresher and healthier appearance.

Do dermal fillers for wrinkles around the lips work?

Certainly. If you have a history of smoking cigarettes, or you have wrinkles around the lips as a result of natural ageing, dermal lip fillers are a great way of smoothing out lip wrinkles.

Do cosmetic fillers for lips hurt?

Some of our customers experience minor pain during the procedure, particularly as the needle goes into the lips, but we can minimize this pain by applying a numbing cream to the area beforehand.

If you are nervous about needles then please discuss this with our team and they will do their best to put your mind at rest. As the filler contains an anesthetic, you will hardly feel it being inserted into your lips. Our team will always supply ice packs after the procedure to minimise any minor pain, swelling or bruising.

If you’re a first timer, we’ve got a page just for you which should answer all of your questions. So, are you ready to look and feel younger? Book an initial consultation with our friendly and helpful experts and discover a whole new you. Contact us today on 0203 199 8236.

The Dreaded Jowls… What You Can Do About Them

The dreaded jowls: they creep up on most people at some point, and they can have a devastating effect on our self confidence. But what can you do about them?

Most people aren’t interested in (or can’t afford to have) facelift surgery to reverse the appearance of jowls. Luckily, there is a far more cost-effective option available: dermal fillers for jowls.

Why do we get jowls?

As we age, our skin naturally becomes less elastic and gets thinner. Natural proteins called collagen and elastin keep our skin firm and smooth, but as we age these proteins start to decrease.

Towards most people’s late thirties or early forties, gravity starts to take its toll and jowls can start to appear. The onset of jowls can have an ageing effect on your face and a negative impact on your confidence.

Another cause of sagging facial skin is significant weight loss. If you have lost a lot of weight, your facial skin may be left looking saggy and lacklustre.

Which is a great shame when you’ve worked so hard to get back down to a healthy weight.

Do dermal fillers work on jowls?

Yes, absolutely. Dermal fillers are a great way to replace the collagen that your skin has lost and restore plumper, more youthful skin.

The treatment is gently injected into the affected area and its natural antioxidants and hydrating qualities provide instantly smoother skin.

And the best part about dermal fillers is that they can be delivered in next to no time, meaning you can get straight back to living your life and enjoying compliments on your refreshed appearance.

The effects of dermal fillers are just noticeable enough, so you’ll enjoy all the flattery with none of the raised eyebrows and awkward questions that a facelift can attract!

Dermal fillers for jowls: before and after

When you arrive for dermal filler treatment on jowls, you’ll probably be feeling a bit flat and very fed up. Looking older than you feel can have a massive impact on your daily confidence.

But after professional dermal filler treatment, you’ll have a fresh spring in your step and a more youthful appearance.

Don’t just take it from us: visit our ‘Client transformations’ page, so you can see the results that our treatments have delivered for our clients, along with their feedback on our service.

How long do dermal fillers last?

Dermal fillers to reverse the appearance of jowls can last for up to 12 months. The results of dermal fillers are instant, but you’ll see the full effects after approximately 10 days as they continue to work their magic.

Are there side effects to dermal fillers?

Some people experience a little swelling and redness, but these side effects only last for around 10 minutes so you can get straight back to your daily schedule.

Bruising after dermal fillers is extremely rare, but in the unlikely event that you do experience a touch of bruising, it can be easily covered with concealer.

Overall, dermal fillers are very safe and reliable and leave no side effects, providing you choose an experience consultant to deliver your treatment.

Will I need pain relief for dermal fillers?

We can’t speak for every clinic but certainly at Look Lovely London, we work hard to administer dermal fillers as gently as possible.

Dermal fillers contain local anaesthetic so you’re unlikely to experience any pain at all. If you’re worried about feeling the needle going in, we can apply a numbing cream to the area.

Following treatment, we can also provide you with an ice pack to apply to the area if you’re worried about redness or swelling.

Dermal filler consultation

If you’re interested in getting dermal fillers for jowls or want to know more about the procedure, you can book a consultation with Look Lovely London to talk about your options.

We’re friendly, professional and complete experts when it comes to rejuvenating our clients’ looks.

Our doctor-led anti-ageing clinic is your one-stop shop for efficient treatments which deliver fantastic results. In fact, 96% of our dermal filler clients return for more treatment.

Call us today on 0203 199 8236 or and get on the road to a more youthful appearance.

Dermal Fillers: 5 Things You Should Know

Deep lines and wrinkles across your face can really get you down. Other people may not notice them, but you know they’re there and they can bother you every time you look in the mirror.

A non-invasive, super-rapid way to whisk them away is by having dermal fillers. This quick treatment can take years off your face, and put that spring back in your step.

Why do we get lines and wrinkles?

Our skin is naturally shaped and plumped by collagen, but we lose this over time. Certain things like sun exposure, stress and smoking can speed up the process and hurry those lines along. And as your face starts to ‘sag’, your spirits follow suit.

So lines and wrinkles are an unavoidable sign of ageing. But that that doesn’t mean we have to put up with them!

What are dermal fillers?

Put simply, dermal fillers are facial fillers which are injected just under the skin in small, controlled amounts. The facial filler helps to smooth lines and wrinkles, fill sunken areas and smooth out the overall appearance of your face.

If you’re having dermal lip fillers, these help to plump up your pout and restore a natural, more youthful lip shape. The results of each are instant and can last anywhere between 6 and 12 months.

And don’t worry about pain: the areas of your face which are going to be injected can be numbed prior to your treatment, so at the most you’ll feel only mild discomfort.

Benefits of dermal fillers

Booking a dermal filler appointment is the fastest route to diminishing your lines and wrinkles. A dermal filler treatment helps to smooth the contours of your face and leave you looking (and feeling) years younger.

The biggest benefit of having dermal fillers is that it’s a speedy, non-invasive treatment that you could even squeeze into your lunch hour.

Dermal fillers help to replace that youthful plumpness to your skin, and the effects can last a long time if you follow your recommended dermal filler aftercare instructions.

Dermal fillers aftercare: making the most of your treatment

You’ll be pleased with your dermal filler treatment, so the likelihood is you’ll want it to last. Dermal fillers aftercare advice usually recommends avoiding alcohol after your treatment, especially if you’re experiencing swelling. This is fairly common and will subside quickly.

It’s also wise, as part of your cosmetic fillers aftercare, to avoid strenuous exercise and excessive exposure to the sun following your treatment. Some dermal filler aftercare instructions advise avoiding the use of makeup straight after treatment, as it’s preferred to allow your skin to ‘breathe’, but you can ask your practitioner about this if you want to be able to use makeup straight away.

Finally, after your dermal fillers have been injected, it’s wise to avoid rubbing or touching the areas of injection, especially if you’re experiencing a bit of swelling. Bruising is pretty uncommon but it can occur. If you do have a touch of bruising, this can be easily covered by concealer.

There are certain high-grade skin care products which can help prolong the effects of your dermal fillers; you can ask your practitioner for some recommendations.

Dermal lip filler aftercare

If you have had lip filler, you should follow all the dermal fillers aftercare advice above but also, you should avoid wearing lipstick or lip balm for 24 hours following your treatment.

With lip fillers, it’s common to experience tenderness and unevenness so it’s important that you follow your practitioner’s dermal lip filler aftercare instructions to ensure this improves quickly. If you experience any swelling, you can ask your practitioner for mini ice packs designed specifically for minimising swelling around the mouth.

Who can have dermal fillers?

The quick answer is: pretty much anybody! However, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s wise to shelve your dermal filler plans for a while. Similarly, if you have any skin inflammation, acne or or any breakage of the skin, it’s probably best to wait until this has cleared up.

Finally, if you’ve had a chemical peel or any laser treatment recently, it’s advised that you wait for two weeks before having dermal filler treatment.

So, dermal filler treatment is safe, speedy and effective. And that’s probably why more and more people are relying on it for a more youthful appearance and a significant boost to their confidence.

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