Skin Secrets That Celebrities Don’t Want You To Know: Obagi Nu Derm


How to get celebrity skin using just six products

Oily skin, dry skin and skin breakouts: we’ve all been there. And we all know what an impact having bad skin can have on our self-confidence. Scanning the celebrity magazines does nothing to help our self-esteem either. Flawless photos of celebrities gracing the front covers with their perfect skin just makes us question our own appearance. Some say they’ve been heavily photoshopped, we say they’ve probably discovered the Obagi Nu Derm skin care system! The great news is that your skin can now look as good as celebrity skin, simply by investing in a few staple beauty products.

Let’s look a bit more in depth at the Obagi Nu Derm skin care system and how it can help to improve even the most dry or oily skin.

What is the Obagi Nu Derm skin care system?

The Obagi Nu Derm skin care system is an advanced prescription-strength skin care package which is designed to eliminate fine wrinkles, dull areas and pigmentation issues. It is also known for its healing powers on skin which has been exposed to too much sunlight.

Using products from the Obagi Nu Derm range will make a real difference to your skin, creating a younger appearance within just a few a weeks.

Here at Look Lovely London, we provide a high-quality skin care consultation service using the Obagi Nu Derm products. Dr Davina Wilson is a qualified practitioner of Obagi treatments which are usually only obtainable through a prescription from a GP.

How does the system work?

Dr Wilson will give you an initial consultation which will be a good opportunity for you to find out more about the Obagi Nu Derm system and ask any questions. Dr Wilson will also discuss your skin complaints with you and advise you on which products you should use for your skin type.

Dr Wilson will then supply you with a selection of carefully chosen products and you will take these home and use them every day. The treatment usually takes up to four months and during this time, Dr Wilson will be on hand to review your progress or discuss any concerns you might have. You will usually be provided with six different products at the beginning of your treatment and these can be easily applied in a few minutes first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed. These products will include a cleanser, a toner, a hydroquinone lighter, an exfoliator, a tretinoin cream and a moisturising sunshield factor-50 cream. The latter is designed to prevent any further sun damage to your skin, as well as correcting existing sun damage.

Results can be seen within four to six weeks but once you have finished your four-month treatment, you will notice that your skin will feel firmer, clearer and more youthful.

What is the cost of this advanced skin care system?

The cost of the Obagi Nu Derm skin care package is £430.00. This includes your consultation, all six products and any follow-up appointments where required.

Can you use Obagi Nu Derm products on dry skin?

Absolutely. Using the Obagi Nu Derm system for dry skin makes a big difference. During your consultation, Dr Wilson will assess your skin condition and will prescribe the right products for your skin type which will be designed to improve your skin’s condition.

Can you use Obagi Nu Derm products on oily skin?

Yes. These advanced products can be used on almost any skin type, even if your skin is especially oily. Using the Obagi Nu Derm system for oily skin will make your skin look and feel much more under control.

Whatever skin type you have, if you’re concerned about using these advanced products, Dr Wilson will answer any questions you might have. It’s always best to make use of the consultation so that you feel confident that the products are right for you.

If you’re looking to improve the condition of your skin, clear up fine wrinkles or reverse the signs of excess sun damage, get in touch with our team today on 0203 199 8236 and get yourself well on your way to achieving that perfect celebrity skin that you’ve always dreamed of having!

Make Your Skin Future-Proof With Obagi 360 Skin Care System Today


Future-proof your skin using the Obagi 360 skin care system

We all want to look our best and feel our best and good skin is a great place to start. Many of us want to reverse the signs of ageing and have young, bright and fresh skin. While there are many ways in which you can do this, we say that prevention is better than cure, so why wait until ageing skin is an issue? If you’re a bit younger but you’re concerned about the potential signs of ageing, you can take positive steps to ensure that your skin is kept in tip-top condition now and future-proof it against unwanted signs of ageing.

Here at Look Lovely London, we work with a wide range of patients who are concerned that their skin is beginning to age and they want to look younger and firmer. We use the Obagi Nu Derm skin care system, a specialist and advanced skin care treatment on these patients and with fantastic effects, too. But anti-ageing skin care treatments are not just for patients with ageing skin, we also use this system on younger patients who want to minimise the potential of ageing skin, using what’s known as the Obagi 360 system. Not only does this system help to prevent signs of ageing, it can also improve and enhance the appearance of skin, whether you suffer from dry, dull skin or oily, troublesome skin.

This guide has been put together to explain why investing in a few staple beauty products will help to keep those unwanted signs of ageing well and truly at bay.

What is the Obagi 360 system?

The Obagi 360 system is an advanced skin care system which is designed to reduce dull and uneven skin tones, minimise the appearance of fine wrinkles, treat break-outs and increase skin radiance and resilience.

How does it work?

Following your consultation with Dr Wilson, a leading practitioner in the Obagi Nu Derm skin care system, you will be given three specialist products which will have been selected based on your existing skin condition. Dr Wilson will explain how each product should be used and you will then apply these products to your skin on a daily basis, morning and evening.

During the course of your treatment, Dr Wilson will be on hand to assess your progress and answer any queries you might have. Where necessary, Dr Wilson may also prescribe other products during the course of your treatment.

Each product is prescription strength and has been designed to provide long-lasting effects. These products are usually only available through a prescription from a GP because they are such specialist products and have a fantastic reputation for vastly improving a wide range of skin complaints.

Which products will you use?

Once Dr Wilson has had the opportunity to assess your skin and discuss any skin complaints you may have, you will be prescribed a combination of a retinol cream, a hydrafactor moisturiser and an Obagi 360 exfoliating cleanser. Using these three products in conjunction with each other will make a big difference to the overall appearance of your skin.

What is the cost of the Obagi 360 system?

The package costs £130.00 and this includes your initial consultation, your three products and any follow-up appointments where required. The package is extremely cost effective and when you add up the cost of the many face creams, exfoliators, moisturisers, toners, day creams and night creams that you’ve invested in over the years, the cost of this treatment is extremely affordable.

How quickly will you see results?

You’ll start to notice the difference in your skin within four to six weeks of beginning your treatment but the full effect will be seen once you have completed your four-month course of treatment. You’ll notice that your skin appears clearer, firmer and much fresher and brighter. So, not only will you be keeping the unwanted signs of ageing at bay, you could also be reversing your age at the same time!

If you’d like more information on the Obagi 360 system, just get in touch with our team at Look Lovely London on 0203 199 8236. Our team members can explain a bit more about how the system works and can book you in for your initial consultation. Give us a call today and discover why making an investment in your appearance now will pay off time and time again in the future!

Nu-Derm Skin System: The Secret To Long-Lasting Youthful Skin

Wrinkles, redness, pigmentation problems: we’ve all been there. Natural ageing happens to us all and it can be difficult to know how to keep on top of skincare to prevent natural signs of ageing from getting out of hand. There seems to be so many products to choose from and it can be difficult to know where to start. Should you use a £100 moisturiser or a £5 alternative? What are the differences between the ingredients used? How well will they work? When it comes to choosing the right skin care products, anti ageing tends to be at the top of all of our agendas, simply because none of us want to lose our youthful appearance.

So, which products should you use?

Here at Look Lovely London, in addition to a wide range of beauty treatments such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and lip filler injections, we also offer a range of premium skin care products which can help to reduce the signs of ageing.

Dr Wilson at Look Lovely London is a qualified practitioner in the use of skin care products for anti ageing. Using what’s known as Nu-derm Skin System, Dr Wilson has helped many patients to keep on top of their skin care regime, and with fantastic results, too.

What is Nu-derm Skin System?

The Nu-derm Skin System is a revolutionary skin care package that is designed to repair and improve your skin over the course of 16 weeks. The products help you to regain your youthful look, renew the skin to make it look brighter, regenerate damaged areas of skin and help to repair pigmentation problems.

During your consultation with Dr Wilson, you will be able to explain your concerns about your skin, whether it be sun damage, ageing or just a lack of brightness in the skin. Dr Wilson will then prescribe the best products from the high-end Obagi product range and you will then take the products home and start to use them on a daily basis.

How quickly will results be seen?

Although it can take about 16 weeks for the full results to be seen, you will start to notice an improvement in your skin within about 4-6 weeks. Dr Wilson will be on hand during your treatment to answer any questions you may have and to provide support should you need it.

Which products will you receive?

Dr Wilson will prescribe a combination of six products which includes a cleanser, toner, hydroquinone lighter to correct pigmentation and spots, an exfoliator, tretinoin cream which stimulates cell production and a moisturising sun shield to prevent any damage from sun exposure.

What about skin care products for sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, you can discuss this with Dr Wilson who will ensure that the skin care products used will not irritate your skin. Your initial consultation will be the ideal opportunity to discuss any concerns you might have about using our range of skin care products.

What is the cost of the Nu-derm Skin System?

The full cost of the Obagi Nu-derm package is £430. This includes all of your products as well as follow-up appointments where required. However, if you are slightly younger and just want to keep on top of your skin care to prevent future signs of ageing or to improve your skin’s appearance, we also offer a special package called Obagi 360. This is designed to reduce dull and uneven skin, improve texture and tone and minimise any fine wrinkles. It can also help to treat any breakouts you may have and will help to encourage a radiant look. The package costs £130 in total and includes an exfoliating cleanser, a retinol cream and a hydrafactormoisturiser.

Using the Obagi Nu-derm Skin System is extremely cost effective. If you were to add up the cost of the many different face creams, toners, exfoliators and moisturisers over the years, most giving very few improvements to your skin, the overall cost would be pretty substantial. We’re confident that if you decide to use the Obagi Nu-derm Skin System, you will be so delighted with the results that you’ll be glad that you made such a wise investment into your skin care regime.

So, it’s time to turn back the clock, throw away the countless lotions and potions you have in your bathroom and get yourself well on your way to having the skin that you’ve always dreamed of! If you have any questions about the Obagi Nu-derm Skin System, just get in touch with one of our specialists on 0203 199 8235.

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