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Do your hands give away your age? Are your hands looking like they have had a hard working life? If so – then Hand Refresh is the treatment for you! This fantastic combination treatment, with dermal fillers and the revolutionary Profhilo – will lift grooves and hydrate those weathered and wrinkled hands.

Who is it for?

Hand Refresh has been designed for those in their early 40’s and up. It’s around this time your hands start to look sunken, with tendons and veins becoming visible. Our hands are often neglected, especially being susceptible to sun damage and dryness, from regular hand washing and sanitisers. This in conjunction to loosing 1% of collagen in our skin yearly results in rapidly ageing and more fragile wrinkled skin on the hands

What is it?

Hand Refresh contains 2 unique treatments to lift and hydrate. During your treatment you will receive Restylane Lyft – which is a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid and as close to human collagen as possible. Restylane Lyft has the unique ability to correct deep grooves in the hand so it looks less bony and instantly plumper. Profhilo is then placed in the top layers of the skin to intensely hydrate it, improving the collagen and ‘snap-back’ of the skin.

How does it work?

By replacing the collagen lost in the hands over the years they will feel smoother, more hydrated, softer and the skin health will be significantly improved. If hand creams just don’t seem to be doing the job and your hands need a ‘pick-me-up’ then Hand Refresh is the treatment for you.

What is the Treatment plan?

The Hand Refresh package involved 2 sessions one month apart. In the first sessions Restylane Lyft will be administer to the sunken in areas and then Profhilo added on top. In the second session you will only need a repeat Profhilo to add that final hydrating glow to your hands. We suggest repeating the combination treatment every 12-18 months. You may wish to have Profhilo more often to keep the skin moisturised and supple. This can be repeated every 6 months.

What happens during the procedure?

On arrival to the clinic, you will be assessed to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. The back of your hands will then be numbed with a cream. After 20 minutes the cream will be removed. Once consented and questions answered up to 4ml of Restylane Lyft will be injected gently into the grooves around the tendons and veins to lift and plump the skin. This restores the collagen and health of the soft tissue in your hands. This usually involved 4 small injections on each hand that is almost painless. The product will then be massaged across the hand to ensure the filler moves into the areas the skeletal areas that need volumisation.

After the filler has been smoothed down then Profhilo will be added to tackle the top layers of dry skin to add suppleness and hydration. This clear tackle the crepiness and wrinkles on your hands.

Your second appointment would only involve Profhilo.  The actual procedure takes less than 10 minutes making these convenient treatments to be done around your busy schedule.


2 Sessions once month apart which included 4 ml of dermal filler, and 2 Profhilo treatments Introductory offer £995. Results will last for up to a year.

Want to see it in action? Check out this Instagram post

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