The Ultimate Guide to Dermal Fillers

Many of us are on the lookout for ways to keep our skin looking great, and ideally to rejuvenate those areas that suffer from unwanted signs of ageing.  

We are often our own harshest critics, and noticing the appearance of new wrinkles, sagging skin, or hollowness in the cheeks can be challenging to come to terms with. This is especially when we feel we have aged suddenly or prematurely thanks to external stresses and the demands of modern life.

While the market is brimming with miracle moisturisers and supposed skincare ‘secrets’, all too often, we are left disappointed by the results. 

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, offer a well-established opportunity for aesthetic renewal. Whether you’ve lost definition, gained one of two extra lines, or simply feel your face is lacking the youthful look you expect to see in the mirror each morning. 

Remember that ‘ageing gracefully’ does not have to mean giving genetics a free rein over your appearance. And rather than drastically altering or restructuring your looks, as you can get with more invasive procedures, dermal fillers merely replicate the collagen that begins to diminish as we pass our mid-twenties. This makes them an excellent treatment option for men and women looking for subtle, though highly effective, improvements.

So, if you’re wondering if this is the right anti-ageing treatment for you, read on to find out what dermal fillers really are – and how to find the right treatment for your face. 


Before Your Treatment

Whether it’s your first time looking for an anti-ageing treatment, or you’ve had a treatment before, there are a few things worth knowing ahead of your consultation.


What is in Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are growing ever more popular and, as a result, there is an incredibly wide range of injectable fillers for the face on the market today. 

If you’ve done some research, you may know they contain – calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse), polyalkylimide, polylactic acid, or PMMA, to achieve a smoother, plumper look in the face. 

But one of the most popular choices for many patients and doctors are hyaluronic acid injections.  


Hyaluronic Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a clear, gel-like substance naturally produced and used throughout the body. However, it is most commonly found within your skin. 

While it plays many vital roles – such as promoting healing and keeping your connective tissue healthy. It’s also essential to aiding skin elasticity, and to encourage the body’s production of collagen. 

It’s the same ingredient used in our dermal filler injections, as it rejuvenates the face with moisture, and creates a smoother, firmer quality in the skin. 

Hyaluronic fillers are incredibly effective at correcting a range of skin ageing issues. From marionette and nasolabial lines, to tear troughs, acne scars, and lost definition around the lips. 

They are also biocompatible, which means a minimal chance of side effects. And it helps to keep skin hydrated and smooth, and encourages the body to produce collagen, and fight visible signs of ageing. 


What is the Difference Between Botox and Fillers?

Botox and fillers are both considered minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures and both are typically used to limit signs of ageing. But they offer very different results.

When Botox is injected into the face, it limits the movement of the muscle in that particular area; ‘dynamic wrinkles’. These are wrinkles caused by certain facial expressions such as frowning or smiling and can be softened or reduced by temporarily stopping movement in those areas of the face. For this reason, Botox will not have any effect on the wrinkles caused by a natural ‘sagging’ or loss of plumpness in the lower face, or hollowing around the eyes. 

Dermal fillers work by replacing lost collagen — and, as a result, create a ‘plumper’, fuller look around the targeted areas of the face. They are perfect for smoothing the wrinkles that naturally form as your body’s own reserves of collagen are lost over time. 

Botox typically lasts between three and six months, and dermal fillers can last as long as eighteen months, although this does depend on the individual. 

For both treatments, continued use can produce longer-lasting effects. Botox can gradually shrink the muscles its injected into preventing excessive pulling on the skin, and dermal fillers can encourage the body to produce collagen naturally.


Who is a Suitable Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

For many men and women, skin ageing begins in their mid-twenties- the first areas to demonstrate age are typically the forehead, and around the eyes. ‘Motor lines’, caused by certain facial expressions, are a common occurrence as we leave our adolescent years behind. 

Several factors can impact the severity of wrinkles and the loss of plumpness and elasticity in the skin. Things like sun exposure, smoking, genetics and even the position we sleep in – all have ramifications for our appearance, mainly as we grow older. 

Some people add anti-ageing products into their skincare regime the day they hit twenty-five, others choose to invest in dermal fillers as they approach their 30’s. Dermal fillers are a great way to replace the collagen that is naturally lost with age, and encourage the body to continue producing it.  

And although many younger patients are turning to dermal fillers, they remain an excellent choice for those who are more mature, too. In fact, anyone who’d like to smooth unwanted lines and reintroduce a more youthful fullness into their face, without drastically altering their appearance, makes for a suitable candidate for dermal fillers. 

Of course, ageing is a unique process for all of us, and what each patient sees, and requires will differ significantly. Consulting with an experienced doctor will help you to pinpoint the specific areas that would benefit from a boost of collagen, and how the best results can be achieved for you. 


How Much Do Dermal Fillers Cost?

While dermal fillers are typically priced by the syringe, the exact cost will vary based on the product used, and where you are getting the procedure done.

We only use market-leading products for our dermal fillers. We will discuss the best course of treatment with you during your consultation. 

  • 1 -1.2 ml – £300
  • 2ml – £500 (minimum recommended for cheeks and jawlines)
  • 3ml – £650
  • 4ml – £785
  • Tear Trough 1ml – £350
  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty 1ml – £350


During Your Treatment

It’s entirely natural to feel a little apprehensive before (and during) your treatment. Many people dislike the thought of needles, while others worry that the fact they have ‘had work done’ will be too conspicuous. While these feelings are entirely normal, with the right practitioner, they always prove to be unfounded. 

Here’s a little more on what to expect when you arrive for your treatment, you can also download our first-timers guide for more information.


In What Areas Can Dermal Fillers Be Used?

Our age can become apparent in many different ways; 

  • A gradual loss of volume in the cheeks and eyes. 
  • Deepening lines along the forehead and nasolabial fold, (subtle creases around the mouth and nose).
  • Loss of definition along the jawline.

These are all, everyday experiences for men and women as they grow older. 

Since dermal fillers work by adding fullness from within, many of the effects of ageing can be improved by hyaluronic injections into the affected area. This will smooth the appearance of wrinkles and lines, hydrate the skin, and replace the collagen that has been naturally lost.

When you meet with your practitioner, they’ll be able to discuss treatment options with you. Take advantage of their experience, as they’ll be able to study your facial anatomy and find the right treatment plan for your features, and expectations.

Dermal Fillers treatment areas

Does it Hurt to Get Fillers in Your Face?

Dermal fillers are applied just beneath the skin with the use of a syringe. A good practitioner will take the extra time to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Numbing creams and ice packs can all be used before the fillers are applied to reduce any discomfort. 

Some patients do feel a small scratch, but hyaluronic fillers contain a small amount of local anaesthetic, making each subsequent injection much less noticeable. 


Are the Results Immediate?

Yes! Dermal Fillers can be a lunch-time  procedure, and results will be noticeable as soon as you leave the couch. While there may be a touch of swelling (particularly in the case of lip fillers), and a small amount of bruising the following day, you will be able to see the outcome as soon as the treatment has finished. 


After Your Treatment

Getting dermal fillers in London is incredibly straightforward, and as soon as your appointment has ended, you can go back to work, or home. 

In the days following your procedure, any redness, swelling or bruising will clear up, and you will be left feeling (and looking) refreshed and invigorated. 


Do Dermal Fillers Have Side Effects?

Aside from a little redness and swelling, it is doubtful that you’ll experience any side effects from dermal fillers. Any possible issues will be discussed with you before the treatment, but hyaluronic acid presents very minimal risks to your wellbeing if injected by an advanced highly trained practitioner. Your doctor will clearly go through the consent form prior to treatment to ensure you are happy with possible side effects and that your questions have all been answered. 


Your Two-Week Review

Take advantage of any free follow-up appointments offered by your practitioner. Here, you will be able to discuss the final result with your doctor, after any swelling or bruising has gone away. It will be a great opportunity to check-in on your progress, ask further questions, and ensure that your treatment has given you the best results possible.  


How Long Do Dermal Fillers Last?

Hyaluronic injections are biodegradable, which means that they will eventually be absorbed by the body. Precisely how long they will last depends on several factors, such as the type of filler used, and the area being treated. 

Typically, dermal fillers last for between six and eighteen months before patients return for another treatment. Any subsequent injections can encourage the body to create its own collagen naturally. 


What Should You Look for in a Practitioner?

The anti-ageing industry is awash with practitioners, all of whom offer a wide range of treatments and procedures promising to transform the parts of our appearance that upset or displease us. 

An increasing number of people are opting to invest in anti-ageing treatments to get instant, long-lasting results, rather than relying on their at-home skincare routine alone.

The downside? More and more unskilled practitioners are offering their services to unsuspecting patients, who end up feeling disappointed — or, worse, mortified with the results. 

When it comes to your health and self-esteem, you should always invest a little extra time and research into finding the right practitioner for you. Consider these points before committing:


Check Their Credentials and Experience

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it requires the same professionalism, attention and expertise as any other part of your body. Finding a clinic with an experienced, doctor-led practice will ensure that you are receiving the top level of care. 


Great Follow Up Care

One of the best indicators of a reputable practitioner is a high calibre of follow up care.

Not only does this demonstrate a strong dedication to each patient, but it will also show you which practices are committed to achieving the very best results. And ensure that their patients are given the time, support and attention that they need to feel confident in the procedures they are undergoing. 

Dermal filler treatments in London are currently unregulated, and anyone unqualified can order syringes off the internet and offer their services to customers. Put your trust in the right place by looking for a rigorously trained practitioner who can guarantee a high level of support, from your consultation to your post-procedure review.


Reliable Sourcing

The market has become saturated with a wide variety of anti-ageing products and equipment. While many companies operate to strict regulations and standards, unfortunately, there are cheap and poorly manufactured products that could potentially damage your skin and harm your health.

Never visit a practitioner who does not invest in the very best pharmaceuticals; that way, you can be sure that you are only ever on the receiving end of products that have been created following rigorous standards for safety and hygiene. 


Outstanding Results

Any practitioner worth their salt will have plenty of success stories to boast about, and taking a look at their Before and After gallery will give you an honest look into the ways their work takes shape. 

Look for practitioners who prize subtlety over excess, and who enhance the distinctive beauty of their patients, rather than altering it. Every face is unique, and recognising that requires a great deal of skill and finesse.

We’ve all seen examples of poor or, at times, dangerous work performed by unqualified practitioners and for some, this can work as a deterrent for seeking treatment. 

But client transformations needn’t be drastic. A practitioner dedicated to tailoring their approach to each and every patient they see will put you at ease and, most importantly, make sure that you are thrilled with the results of your treatment. 


A Loyal Clientele

A fantastic website or advertising campaign can undoubtedly draw a crowd, but a returning client base is the best testament to a practitioner’s value. 

Seeking anti-ageing treatments can be daunting for many first-timers; for others, fear or self-consciousness can cause them to delay their first consultation. But a loyal clientele is an excellent indicator of a competent and diligent practice. 

Not only does it provide plenty of insight into the quality of their work, but it also demonstrates their ability to dispel first-time nerves, and keep patients inspired to return for treatments. 

If you’re still not sure, read our six-point guide on how to choose the right aesthetics clinic.

Get in Touch

Dr Davina Wilson has over ten years’ experience in general practice and the aesthetics industry; along with her carefully chosen team, she offers some of the highest-quality dermal fillers in London, with over 10,000 successful treatments under her belt. 

Whether you know what treatment you want, or have never undergone any anti-ageing treatments before, get in touch, and we’ll arrange a free consultation at a time that suits you.  

Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Fixing Your Thinning Lips Instantly With This Low-Cost Solution

Let’s be honest: we all want to fight the age battle. We want to enjoy our lives and we certainly don’t want our age to show on our faces. While lots can be done about reversing the signs of ageing around the eye and forehead area by using Botox® injections, lip enhancements is also becoming one of the most popular go-to treatments amongst our patients.

One of the first signs of ageing on the face is the lip area. Over time, lips tend to thin out and this can change the overall appearance of a person’s face, affecting their confidence and self esteem.

Lip enhancements are a fantastic way of turning back the clock by adding more definition to the lip area and the results are long-lasting, too.

Here at Look Lovely London, we’ve treated many patients with lip augmentations and with fantastic results. But what are lip enhancements and what’s involved in the process? Let’s take a closer look.

How are lip enhancements administered?

Lip enhancements involve having dermal filler injected into the lip area to create a youthful, plump and, most importantly, all-natural pout that’ll take years off a person’s age. The filler itself contains hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in human collagen, so you can be sure that the results will look natural.

Not only do dermal fillers create more definition to the lip area, they also work hard to restore the shape and softness in the lips, as well as boosting them with moisture and antioxidants.

Should you do any research before undergoing lip enhancements?

If you’re looking for the very best lip enhancement treatment, there are two main considerations you should be thinking about before you go ahead. Firstly, how much should you be paying? And secondly, how can you be sure you’re in the hands of someone trustworthy, qualified and professional? We’ve explained a bit more about these two considerations below.

How much should a lip enhancement cost?

Costs for this treatment can vary from clinic to clinic but if you’re based in the UK and you’re looking to undergo a lip augmentation, London is home to many clinics which offer this treatment. However, prices can vary from the worryingly low to the ridiculously high.

Our policy at Look Lovely London is simple: we charge a fair and honest price for all of our treatments, including lip enhancements. The cost for undergoing dermal filler to the lip area starts at £280 for 1 syringe of filler.

How should you know which clinic to choose?

The most important element of undergoing lip enhancements is to ensure that the results are natural looking. Here at Look Lovely London, we follow very strict rules on how much filler should be applied to the lip area. Our golden rule for lip enhancements is this: the lower lip should always be fuller than the upper lip. If the upper lip becomes bigger then you’re venturing into ‘trout pout’ territory and nobody wants that!

How quickly will you see results from your lip augmentation?

You should be able to notice an instant improvement after you’ve had the dermal filler administered. However, it is normal for the lips to swell over the following 48 hours so it’s important to keep the diary clear after your appointment. You will be supplied with ice packs from our team after your treatment so you can keep swelling to a minimum. The swelling will start to settle after a couple of days and you should be able to see the end result in about two weeks after your treatment.

How long do the results from the treatment last?

This can vary from patient to patient but generally speaking, results from a lip augmentation can last between 6 and 12 months and you can then opt to return for further treatment if you wish.

If you’re unsure about whether you need to have a lip augmentation, or you’re a bit nervous about the procedure, give our helpful team a call today on 0203 199 8236 and book a free consultation.

Start the new year as you mean to go on and treat yourself to a new glamorous pout!

Learn How You Can Turn Back The Ageing Clock And Get Smooth Skin In Less Than An Hour

How to turn back the ageing clock in a matter of minutes

In this day and age, it’s impossible to avoid seeing seemingly perfect celebrities on the TV, in films and in the tabloids, sporting clear skin, shiny hair, size-zero bodies and, most commonly, line-free faces thanks to much-loved Botox® anti-ageing treatment.

There once was a time when Botox® was so uncommon that if celebrities had undergone the procedure, nobody knew about it. Many of us just didn’t know it existed. Nowadays, the procedure has been entirely embraced by men and women of all ages and is fully accepted as being one of the most effective ways to turn back the ageing clock.

But what exactly is Botox®? How does it work? We’ve put together this short guide which should answer any initial questions you’ve always wanted to ask about this hugely popular treatment.

What are Botox® injections?

Your skin can lose its elasticity over time which can cause your skin to appear looser. Botox®, also known as anti-wrinkle injections, involves undergoing a few small injections to the face and body which are designed to reduce the muscle movement under your skin in order to give it time to recover. Your skin is then essentially ironed out and appears smoother and fresher, taking years off your overall appearance.

Which areas can be treated with Botox®?

Botox® injections can be applied to a number of different areas on the face such as frown lines, forehead lines and eye lines, also known as ‘crow’s feet’. When it comes to anti-wrinkle injections, crow’s feet are usually one of the most commonly requested areas amongst our patients. Crow’s feet are fine lines which appear around the eye area over time. These lines can make you look older and make your eyes look smaller, too. Undergoing anti-wrinkle injections on your crow’s feet will not prevent you from smiling naturally but will make your eyes look fresher and brighter.

Are there any side effects associated with Botox® injections?

When it comes to anti-wrinkle injections, side effects are minimal and fairly uncommon. Some patients report minor bruising to the treated area but this can be covered with concealer and usually clears within three days. You might feel minor discomfort when the needle is administered but the procedure is very quick so any discomfort will be shortlived.

How quickly will you see results?

Anti-wrinkle injections take just ten days to take full effect but by week two, you’ll notice a real change and improvement, and you can enjoy younger and fresher skin that’s full of vitality. Over several months, your muscles will break down the treatment and after three or four months, you will probably notice that gradual muscle movement has returned to the treated area. At this stage you can then opt to return for further treatment but you can discuss your overall treatment plan in your initial free no-obligation consultation with one of our trained doctors.

What is the cost of anti-wrinkle injections?

If you’re looking for anti-wrinkle injections, London is host to a variety of clinics, each with a different price tag. Here at Look Lovely London, we operate a clear, transparent and competitive pricing system and we charge per treated area for Botox® injections. For one area, we charge just £140, for two areas it’s £210 (£105 per area) and for three areas, it’s £270 (£90 per area).

In addition to Botox® for the face, we also offer Botox® injections for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating in the underarms) and this costs just £450 for both armpits. We also offer two treatments for the neck area: treatment for the Platysmal Band (the vertical necklines) with prices starting at £350 and a Nefertili Lift which is designed to reestablish your jaw line and soften unsightly neck muscles, the cost for which starts at just £255.

If you’re a Botox® first timer, give us a call on 0203 199 8236 and arrange to see one of our trained members of staff. You can ask any questions about the procedure, or ask for advice on which areas you should focus on treating.

There’s never been a better excuse or a better time to invest in the new you!

Face Flat, Sagging Skin Head On and Get Instant Face Definition With This One Simple Tip

If we are honest with ourselves, we’d all love to change something about our appearance. Those countless hours spent in front of a mirror critically analysing every flaw could surely be put to better use?

The rise of surgical enhancements and procedures amongst well-known celebrity faces in the mass media has done nothing to stop our self-critical nature. ‘How can I look more like the girl on the front cover?’ ‘How does that actress always look so fresh and youthful?’ We’ve all been there. Comparing ourselves to these people is almost unavoidable. We’re all in the pursuit of perfection, no matter what age or gender we are.

The great news is that unless these famous faces have exceptionally good genetic makeup, the chances are they’ve made a few minor tweaks to their appearance in order to look the way that they do, whether they admit to it or not!

Botox® and dermal fillers are largely responsible for the seemingly perfect appearance of celebrities. Let’s take a look at the latter treatment in more detail.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are designed to restore a youthful appearance and, since they are made with hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in human collagen, the results are completely natural looking. Dermal fillers attack flat, sagging skin which has wrinkles and deepening grooves, to smooth out lines and restore a fresh, young look.

In addition to smoothing out skin, dermal fillers can also be used to create definition in the face. Here at Look Lovely London, one of the most common complaints amongst our patients is about their cheekbone area. Your cheekbones frame your face and patients with lack of definition around the cheek area feel naturally self-conscious and are keen to make some adjustments. Dermal fillers for cheekbones are by far one of the best ways you can create instant definition in your face, and are so quick to administer, you could slot an appointment in during your lunch break and nobody would need to know!

How quickly will dermal filler results show on the cheekbone area?

If you decide to undergo dermal fillers for cheekbones, it is likely that you’ll see an instant result after your appointment. However, the full extent of the results will be visible after just ten days.

Results will last up to 12 months and if you start to feel like you want to come back for further treatment after this time then you can do so.

Do dermal fillers hurt?

Here at Look Lovely London, we’re used to working with patients who are particularly sensitive to pain. We administer dermal fillers very gently and the procedure itself takes just a few minutes. Some of our patients feel mild discomfort when the needle is inserted into the cheek area but if you’re worried about this, we will offer you some numbing cream which can be applied to the area before we get to work. In addition to this, the filler itself contains a local anaesthetic so this helps to reduce any discomfort associated with the injections.

Some patients experience minor bruising after having dermal filler treatment, while others do not have any bruising whatsoever. After your treatment, we will offer you an ice pack that you can apply to the area, to minimise bruising or prevent it altogether.

How much do dermal fillers cost?

When it comes to dermal filler prices, London is home to many clinics offering dermal filler treatments and each of these vary in terms of cost. Our policy at Look Lovely London is to make dermal fillers affordable and accessible so our prices are very competitive. For 1 syringe of dermal filler, our prices start at just £280. If you’re new to dermal fillers, we also offer a special price for first timers at just £250 for 1 syringe of filler.

If you’re looking to create some definition in your cheekbone area, dermal fillers will most definitely help. Give our helpful and friendly team a call on 0203 199 8236 and book yourself a free no-obligation consultation with one of our skilled and qualified doctors.

Leave ageing cheekbones well and truly in the past and invest in the new and improved you!

Find Out How Easy it is to Get An Anti Wrinkle Treatment Done During Your Lunch

Fast Botox® on your lunch break

We’re all a little intrigued by Botox®. Celebrities of all ages grace our TV screens or magazine front covers every day with young and fresh skin and, whether they admit to it or not, it’s pretty safe to assume that Botox® is one of the reasons that they look so good.

But what exactly is Botox® treatment? How much does it cost? How does it work? Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved and how you can fit regular Botox® treatment into your working week with minimal fuss or interruption to your busy schedule.

What is Botox® and how quickly will you see the results?

As skin starts to age, it can lose its elasticity. This happens with natural ageing but there are also lifestyle choices which can affect your skin’s appearance, such as smoking, drinking excessive alcohol and subjecting your skin to too much sun. All of these factors can result in unwanted wrinkles and Botox® is designed to help.

Botox® reduces overall muscle movement which then gives your skin the opportunity to relax and repair itself. Simply having a few non-invasive injections will make a lot of difference to your overall appearance and the results can be seen within 10-14 days. Patients who undergo Botox® can then choose whether or not to return for further treatment, usually 3-4 months after the initial injections when muscle movement starts to return to the treated area.

How long does it take to undergo Botox® treatment?

Since Botox® injections are quick, you can easily fit in an appointment on your lunch break and return to the office without anyone knowing that you’ve had any treatment. Some patients experience minor bumps around the treated area but this usually subsides after about ten minutes, leaving them to carry on with the rest of their day.

Which areas of the body can be treated with Botox®?

Most patients tend to treat areas on the face, such as forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines. You can also treat other areas of the body, such as the neck and armpits. The latter treatment is for patients who suffer from excessive sweating in the armpit area.

How much does Botox® cost?

Depending on how many areas you want to treat, prices will vary. If you want to treat just one area then the cost is £140.00. For two areas it is £210.00 and for three it costs £270.00. Botox® treatment for excessive sweating costs £450.00 for both armpits and prices for treating vertical neck lines start at £350.00.

Where can you undergo Botox® treatment?

If you’re looking for Botox® injection treatment, London offers a range of clinics to choose from. As with any cosmetic or surgical procedure, doing your research is absolutely key before you decide which clinic to use.  Our team at Look Lovely London is experienced and qualified in a range of treatments and offers a free consultation which is an ideal opportunity for you to ask any questions. We’ll talk you through the Botox® procedure and make sure you’re feeling completely comfortable about the treatment.

Why is London one of the UK’s most popular areas for Botox®?

Many of us lead busy lives and we want to know where we can receive fast Botox® treatment. London clinics are well set up for this, since public transport is so efficient and regular, so you can easily find a local clinic to you if you’re short on time. So, if you’re looking for Botox® injections on a lunch break, London offers a variety of choice.

If you’re new to Botox® treatment, give our friendly and helpful team at Look Lovely London a call. Our dedicated team will arrange a free, no-obligation consultation where you can discuss the possibility of having Botox® treatment. You can use the consultation to ask any questions you might have about Botox® and ask for guidance on which areas you should treat.

Get in touch today on 0203 199 8236 and find out how Botox® can change your appearance in a relatively short space of time.  With 96% of our patients returning for further treatment, we’re sure that you’ll love the results as much as they do!

What’s The Secret Behind A-Listers’ Eyes?

We’ve all seen celebrities of all ages gracing the covers of magazines looking naturally beautiful and youthful. But how do women and men of a certain age stay looking so young? Is it good genes? It might be. But, chances are, it’s probably because these household names have discovered that the secret to a youthful appearance is to get regular Botox® injections to keep them looking young, fresh-faced and attractive. But why should celebrities have all the fun? Botox® is for us all and has helped many women and men to achieve the youthful look they’ve always dreamed of, simply by having a few injections.

One of the first signs of aging is the appearance of lines around the eyes. Let’s look at how Botox® around eyes can make a big difference to a person’s face.

Why do we get lines around our eyes?

When you smile, lines form around your eyes which creates what’s known as ‘crow’s feet’ around the eye area. Botox® around eyes does not stop you from smiling, it simply makes the eye area appear fresher and brighter.  Since the lines appear around your eyes because the skin has become loose and dull over time, Botox® targets the muscles around the eye to reduce movement which then allows the skin to recover from regular movement. This creates a smooth, youthful and fresh appearance around the eye area, which can dramatically improve your look.

Where is Botox® injected around eyes?

The injections are inserted into the skin around each eye, to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. The injections are perfectly safe and can be administered quickly and with very little discomfort. Some customers have minor bumps in the skin around the eyes after the injections but these tend to disappear within about ten minutes.

Are there any side effects?

When it comes to Botox® around eyes, side effects are minimal. Most customers do not show any signs of bruising after getting Botox® injections but occasionally minor bruises can occur. However, any bruising is very short-lived and can be easily concealed with make-up until the bruise fades.

What is the cost of Botox® around eyes?

Here at Look Lovely London, we know that many first-timers to Botox® injections are nervous about having their first treatment. That’s why we wil guide you through the process and recommend a course of treatment. If once you’ve had your first treatment, you decide to return for another treatment either to the eye area or any other problem area, our rates are £140 for one area, £210 for two areas and £270 for three areas.

How often should you have Botox® around eyes?


Whether you’re getting Botox® around eyes or any other part of your face, we strongly recommend that you follow our advice in terms of how regularly you should have Botox® injections. You’ll have seen many famous faces which have clearly been subjected to too much Botox®. Not leaving enough time between Botox® treatments is why some faces can appear “frozen”. We believe that if we are going to make you look your absolute best then our job is to ensure that you leave our clinic looking naturally youthful. If you allow enough time between your treatments then you’ll not have to worry about ending up with a “frozen” look.

How quickly will results appear?

Botox® injections take around ten days to take full effect. You may notice some changes in the first week or so but certainly by week two you will notice how fresh and young you look. The results will last for up to about four months, by which time you may notice that muscle movement has returned to the area. Many customers then decide to come back for another treatment and research suggests that results from Botox® last longer after each consecutive treatment.

Get in touch with us today on 0203 199 8245 to discuss how we can improve your look. Our team of experienced doctors will answer any questions you might have or alleviate any fears or misconceptions about Botox®, especially if this is your first time. We are confident that once you’ve had your first Botox® treatment, you’ll never look back!

Botox® On Your Lunchbreak: A Guide For All Londoners

Getting Botox® in London, UK, has become a fairly commonplace procedure over the last few years. Because Botox® treatment is so discreet and straightforward these days, Londoners can now pop to a Botox® clinic on their lunchbreak without anyone knowing that they’ve had a minor cosmetic treatment.

If you’re looking to have Botox®, London offers a wide range of clinics to choose from so finding a clinic nearby is usually pretty easy. Our Look Lovely London Botox® clinic is based on St John’s Wood in a private and peaceful location opposite The Wellington South Hospital and Lord’s Cricket Ground. It is just 3 minutes’ walk from St John’s Wood tube station if you take the Jubilee Line, making it very easy to get to. But choosing the right clinic for Botox® isn’t just about finding the closest one to you, it’s about knowing that you’re in the hands of professionals. So, why choose Look Lovely London?

Who are we?

Here at Look Lovely London, we offer a personalised service which means that our customers have direct contact with the doctor who will be administering their Botox® treatment. The doctor offers support to the customer before, during and after treatment. This gives the customer the opportunity to ask any questions about Botox® or for the doctor to address any concerns or worries that the customer might have. Customers who have not had Botox® treatment before tend to find that they are a little nervous about having the injections for the first time, so having a one-to-one dialogue with their doctor means that any issues or concerns can be addressed prior to the treatment.

What anti-aging treatment do we offer?

Look Lovely London specialises in delivering natural-looking, long-lasting anti-aging results by using both anti-wrinkle injections (known as Botox®) and dermal fillers. We believe that these two treatments are the very best choice if you’re looking to turn back the clock in a safe and cost-effective way.

How can anti-wrinkle injections help?

Over time, your skin can lose its elasticity, which creates a loose, dull look. This happens over time as part of the natural aging process but can also be worsened with alcohol consumption, smoking, stress and sun exposure. Botox® injections work by reducing overall muscle movement which then allows your skin to relax and recover from continual movement. The treatment is applied using very thin needles to a problem area and the results can last up to six months.

Which areas can be treated with Botox®?

Pretty much any area on the face will benefit from having Botox® injections.The most common areas targeted with Botox® are forehead lines, crow’s feet, frown lines and smokers’ lines but some customers also opt to have Botox® in the armpits to reduce the activity of the sweat glands. This treatment is particularly effective if you suffer from excessive sweating and the results can last for up to nine months.

What to expect from your treatment

If you’re based in London, Botox® on your lunchbreak couldn’t be easier. You can simply turn up for your appointment and once you’ve had your preliminary consultation with your doctor, they can then get to work, targeting your problem area or areas. The skin will be thoroughly cleansed and then small injections will be administered to the skin, no more than 3mm into the skin. Some customers feel a small sting when the needle is inserted while others barely feel a thing.

You may notice a few small bumps where the injections have taken place but these usually disappear within ten minutes. And that’s it. You can head back to work without your colleagues suspecting a thing!

How much does Botox® cost?

Our clinic offers a flexible pricing system whereby you can choose to treat one area (£140), two areas (£210) or three (£270).

There are many perks to living in London; Botox® on your doorstep is definitely one of them! Call our team today on 0203 199 8245 to book your introductory appointment and discover how Botox® can make an instant difference to your overall appearance after just one visit.

Side Effects of Botox Injections: The Myth-busting Guide for First Timers

When considering Botox® treatment, many first timers are put off having the treatment because they have heard about possible side effects that can occur. But what are the side effects of Botox® injections?
When it comes to side effects, Botox® injections are extremely low risk if you put yourself in the hands of the professionals.
Let’s have a look at some of the most common questions asked about the side effects of Botox® injections and explain why Look Lovely London is the right choice for you.

Are Botox® injections painful?

There is little truth in the myth that Botox® injections are painful and that the treated area can remain sore for a time afterwards. Of course, there are always rare exceptions but, on the whole, most customers do not experience any pain when they undergo treatment. Our highly qualified and experienced consultants at Look Lovely London are experts in administering pain-free Botox® injections. Some patients feel a slight sting when the needle is inserted but this discomfort is short-lived and usually comes with absolutely no pain at all afterwards.
Some customers can experience mild stiffness or headaches for a short time after the treatment, but this is pretty rare.

Do Botox® injections cause swelling?

Another worry that many first timers have is that they will experience swelling or redness around the treated area after the injections are administered. Occasionally some people do see minor swelling after a treatment, but the best way to minimise the chance of this is to choose a clinic with a fantastic track record of delivery risk-free Botox® treatments. At Look Lovely London we have special ice packs on hand which can be applied after the injections that help to prevent the appearance of swelling or bruising.

Can Botox® injections make you sick?

Very occasionally, some customers can experience symptoms similar to those of a common cold, but these are rare cases and, should this occur, the symptoms usually only last for a few days after the treatment. Most of our customers do not experience any sickness after their treatment but if you have any concerns, we will guide you every step of the way.

Will it be obvious that you’ve had Botox® treatment?

Perhaps the most common myth about Botox® injections is that they will make your face look ‘frozen’ and that it will be immediately obvious that you have undergone a cosmetic treatment. Avoiding the ‘frozen’ look is entirely down to the skill of the consultant and our team at Look Lovely London is experienced and committed to making sure each of our customers leaves us looking natural. Nobody will guess that you’ve had Botox® injections. At worst, you might have a few friends asking which revolutionary brand of makeup you’ve discovered that has made you look so youthful and rested!
The main reason that many high-profile celebrities have ended up with a ‘frozen’ look is that they haven’t left enough time between treatments. We always recommend that our clients leave the correct amount of time, usually 3-6 months between Botox® injections, to make sure that they maintain their natural, youthful look. When you have your consultation we will design a treatment plan tailored to your needs and discuss the best time for you to have your next treatment, to help you maintain a look that you’re proud of.
The good news is that Botox® treatment is cumulative, so you may even find that after a few treatments you no longer need regular injections to stay looking your best.
The majority of the myths about the side effects of Botox® injections are based on extreme cases. The reality is that with most cases of Botox®, the side effects are entirely minimal. At Look Lovely London, the most common side effect of Botox® treatment experienced by our customers is simply an immediate improvement in self-confidence!
If you’ve been thinking about Botox® injections, give our team a call on 0203 199 8236 for an informal chat. We will happily answer any questions you have about side effects, or the procedure itself, and get you well on your way to achieving the look you’ve always wanted.

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COVID safety policy

At the clinic, we take infection control and cleanliness very seriously. We are aware our clients may still worry about the spread of COVID-19. We want to reassure you that your health, safety and comfort is our priority.

We have a strict infection control policy at the clinic. On arrival, we recommend hand washing and offer gloves and masks for those patients who wish to wear them. We deep clean all surfaces, doors, handle, bannisters and card machines after every patient. We can also offer protected time slots for our more vulnerable clients so they have little or no contact with other people during their visit.

Our staff are rigorous about cleaning and handwashing. We disinfect treatment rooms and couches after every client, wearing gloves and masks if needed. We also use Cleanisept to prepare your skin before treatment – this is one of the best antimicrobial agents available to reduce the risk of infection.

We want to put your mind at ease that we have taken all the precautions to offer you a lovely and safe experience at the clinic.

We understand you may want to bring a friend or family member along to your appointment for moral support. However, in these unprecedented times, we ask you to attend alone to reduce the risk of transmission.

Disclaimer  – Please note a lot of the visual on this website were manly for illustrative purpose and taken prior to the COVID outbreak. Rigorous usage of gloves and face masks are now in practice.